How to Turn Off Phone Companion App Windows 10

Phone Companion Application

Windows 10 comes with an application called Phone Companion. This app provides a more user friendly way of transferring media and files to your Windows 10 computer from an android, iphone, or windows phone device.

However, you can still connect your phone to your computer without the Phone Companion app and sync your device the old way via the file explorer.

If you want to stop the Phone Companion application from appearing when you connect your phone to your computer, you have two options. You can stop it from starting by disabling Autoplay, or you can uninstall the Phone Companion application all together.

Disable Autoplay

To prevent it from popping up when you connect your device. Go to the search bar on the start menu (on the bottom left of your screen) and type in Autoplay. After you open the Autoplay window, search for your device and change it to, “Take No Action”.


If you do not want anything to do with the Phone Companion application at all, you can simply uninstall it and it will not bother you anymore.

To uninstall the Phone Companion application on Windows 10 go to start again, all apps, scroll down to the letter “P” and right click, then click uninstall.


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