List of New Features in Narrator for Windows 10

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Windows has long offered a screen and a text-to-speech reader called Narrator, which allows you to hear every action you perform on Windows. Narrator can also read any text in a document or other file. It is for the visually impaired, but it can be used by anyone who wants to read the screen or text.

Narrator also receives a number of upgrades. The screen reader responds faster and navigates the web more efficiently. It will also be able to highlight bold, italic, underlined and capitalized characters without having to use ads such as “Bold Start” and “Bold End”. Instead, the voice output changes its playback speed, tilt and/or volume to indicate text formatting. The voice output can now operate in safe mode and, in Microsoft Edge, it begins to describe actions such as opening and closing tabs, adding favorites and loading pages.

New features of Narrator under Windows 10

I could say one thing about the changes made to the Narrator: Microsoft did it so that you would be less bothered by it and so that you could filter out a lot of things that distract you.

Narrator’s home page

Every time you activate Narrator, you go to the Narrator home page, where you can open anything you need, whether you want to change your Narrator settings or learn the basics with QuickStart. Links to the narrator’s home page include QuickStart, Narrator Guide (which takes you to this online user guide), What’s New, Settings and Comments. You can also control whether Narrator Home opens when you start Narrator.

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Three ways to start and stop Narrator:

  1. Press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter to start the voice output. Press these keys again to stop the voice output. If you are using an earlier version of Windows, press Windows Logo + Enter simultaneously to start and stop Narrator. For many keyboards, the Windows logo key is located at the bottom of the row, to the left or right of the Alt key.
  2. Press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + N to open the narrator settings, then activate the Use narrator switch.
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to return to your login screen, select the Easier Access button in the lower right corner, then activate the Narrator switch.

Start Narrator automatically before or after connecting to your PC.

  1. Press Windows Logo + Ctrl + N to open Narrative Settings.
  2. To start Narrator automatically after login, select the check box next to Start Narrator after login.
  3. To start Narrator automatically for all users before connecting, select the Start Narrator automatically before connecting for all checkbox. This is recommended if you want to use a serial
  4. Braille display before connecting.

Change what you hear when you type.

The voice output also works when you type. However, choose carefully, otherwise it will be an overload. The settings provide discrete options for the following items. You will hear it:

  1. Letters, numbers and punctuation as you type
  2. Words during typing
  3. Function keys during entry.
  4. Arrow keys, tabs and other navigation keys as you type.
  5. When you enable or disable keys such as Caps Lock and Num Lock, they are enabled or disabled.
  6. Shift, Alt and other modification keys during entry.

There is a special option for fixing the caps. He can warn you every time you turn him on. It is useful if you accidentally turn it on.

More upgrades to come

Microsoft learning tools (advanced reading and writing tools) will soon include more intuitive text suggestions when using a keyboard and language support for tactile keyboards. Microsoft will continue to work to improve its assistive technology partnerships.

Microsoft listened to users’ comments and made several improvements to accessibility features and applications so that people with visual, hearing, mobility or other disabilities can have a much better experience. If you need help with the features of Windows 10, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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