Linux help… in plain English

It’s time to learn the very basics of your new shiny Linux system. TuXfiles provides you with Linux tutorials in plain English, not in some fancy geekspeak.

The plain English at tuXfiles is bad, and after reading the help files you’ll still feel very new to the penguin OS, but at least you’ll have much more fun with your new shiny Linux system. Why? Because you’ll learn how the different and somewhat confusing features of Linux actually work, why those features are great, and how to effectively use the basic and not-so-basic unique features of Linux.

The most popular Linux tutorials

If you don’t know what to read first, you can jump straight on to my most popular Linux help files:

  • An introduction to the Linux command line
    Even today, in 2010, the ye olde command line is still a fast and powerful way of using Linux. This series of articles will get you started with the Linux command line.
  • The humble Linux cheat sheet
    A short and sweet (well, at least short… đŸ™‚ reference list of the basic Linux commands.
  • Linux’s directory structure
    An overview of the most important directories on Linux.
  • How to install software from source
    Yes, some people still want to install their software the traditional way. Learn how to do it!
  • How to edit and understand /etc/fstab
    The most popular help article at tuXfiles. I recommend having some basic Linux knowledge before reading this one, though.
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