Linux help

Linux help

“Hey, I installed Linux. Now what? What can I do with this thing? Why doesn’t my new shiny Linux system work?”

It’s time to learn how to use your Linux system so you can get your work done. It’s also time to learn how the different and somewhat confusing features of Linux actually work, why those features are great, and how to effectively use the basic and not-so-basic unique features of Linux.

Where to start off >

If you’re wondering what to read first, I recommend starting off with these tuXfiles:

An introduction to the Linux command line
Collection of selected Linux tutorials teaching you the basics of the Linux command line. If you know nothing about the Linux command line and don’t know which tuXfiles you should read first, start here.

Linux keyboard shortcuts
If you already know how to use the command line, make sure you know the keyboard shortcuts listed in this cheat sheet. The shortcuts make your life much more easier!

Linux’s directory structure
Have you ever wondered where are all the executables located in Linux? Do you know what do the /proc/usr/local and /etc directories contain? Learn how the directories are organized in Linux.

How to change the default window manager
One of the most often asked Linux questions is: “How do I change the default window manager?”

Compiling and installing software from source
Learn how to unpack tar.gz and tar.bz2 packages, compile and install software from source, and uninstall the software you’ve compiled yourself.

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