tuXfiles – Linux command line tutorials for newbies

An introduction to the Linux command line

Learn the basics for staying alive at the Linux command line. If you’re very new to the Linux CLI, these tutorials should provide you with the basic command line skills, as well as teach you some neat command line tricks.

Linux command line terminology
If you know absolutely nothing about the CLI, start here. Learn what is the command line and shell, how to get started with the command line, and what are virtual terminals and terminal emulators.

Moving around in the Linux file system
The very basics of navigating at the Linux command line. Learn how to move from directory to another with cd, how to find out what directory you’re in with pwd, and how to list the contents of a directory with ls. You’ll also learn what are absolute and relative path names.

About your files on Linux
What you need to know about the files on your Linux system. Learn how Linux treats file names, what are hidden files and directories, and how to use the file command to determine the type of a file.

How to view text files with cat and less
Learn how to view text files with cat and less. A short list of the most common less commands is also included.

Copying, moving, renaming, and removing files
How to use the Linux command line as a file manager. Learn how to copy, move and delete files under Linux with the cpmv and rm commands.

Creating, copying, moving, and removing directories
How to create, move and delete directories in Linux with the mkdirmv and rmdir commands. You’ll also learn how to copy a directory with its contents and how to remove a directory that is not empty.


Great Linux command line features >

Now you’ve probably got the hang of the Linux command line basics, so it’s time to get to know these simple but powerful features that make your life at the CLI a lot easier.

Automatic file name completion
One of the most useful CLI features. You don’t have to type or even remember long file names at the Linux command line, because the shell does the typing for you!

The powerful bash wildcards
Without these cool little things called shell wildcards working on the command line would be pretty painful. So make sure you start using the wildcards!

Redirecting standard input and output
Many command line programs use a feature called input/output redirection. This powerful feature allows you to “glue” simple commands together in order to construct more complex commands.


Other command line related >

The humble Linux cheat sheet
The very basic and very essential commands for surviving at the Linux CLI.

Linux keyboard shortcuts
Learn how to make your life a bit easier at the Linux command line and shell.

Viewing and searching the man pages
The quickest way of getting help with a particular Linux command. Make sure you know how to use and search the man pages.

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