Malware Tracker Maps that allow you to view cyber attacks in real time

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Malware campaigns dominated the threat landscape last year. The trend seems to continue this year, although in a more virulent form. A frequent observation by several prominent security researchers has shown that most malware writers depend on ransom money to generate most of their income. Advertising fraud has also increased. Internet devices, better known as IoTs, have also proved to be a handy fruit, in great demand by threat actors.

Unless we have important laws and institutions to enforce them, these attacks will only increase and pose an even greater threat to the Internet. Therefore, we can only expect malware to become more aggressive and have a direct impact on our lives. Malware Tracker Maps can detect malware information on the Internet and take precautions.

Better malware location maps

This article lists some of the malware location maps that are useful in today’s cyber-threat scenario.


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This malware tracking map displays global cyber attacks in real time and displays both attacking and targeted IP addresses. Threatbutt uses clown strike technology to harness the raw power of private, hybrid, public and cumulus systems to deliver quality Viking threat information to any business. Please click here.

Fortinet threat map

The Fortinet threat map allows you to track cyber attacks in real time. The console displays network activity by geographic region. Threats from various international destinations are at your disposal. You can also move the mouse pointer over the FortiGate location to display the device name, IP address and location. To find out which countries are sending the most serious threats to your region/city, see the origin of the red arrows or check the visual threat lists at the bottom of the screen. Unlike other FortiView consoles, this console has no filtering options. However, you can click on any country to access larger (filtered) details. Come over here.

A visual threat list is displayed below, showing

  1. Location
  2. Severity
  3. Type of attacks

The colour gradient of the darts on the map indicates the traffic risk, red indicates the most critical risk.

Norwegian malware map

Norwegian seems to be the source when it comes to providing proactive security solutions. The malware mapping method is based on a black intelligence platform capable of providing strong protection against current and advanced threats. Please note that the page requires Javascript enabled to work correctly. Link.

FireEye Cyber Threat Map

A unique feature of the FireEye Cyber Threat Map is that you can not only view current global cyber attacks on the FireEye Cyber Threat Map, but also connect to be notified when attacks are detected and to secure your business data. The map is based on a subset of real attack data optimized for better visual representation. Click here to visit the website.

ESG MalwareTracker

It allows you to track the latest malware infection trends in real time and analyze malware outbreaks in your area using Google Maps. The tool also displays malware infection data collected from computer diagnostic reports scanned using the SpyHunter Spyware Scanner. After a thorough analysis, the scanner generates a live graphical report of suspected and confirmed infections. on a global scale. It shows the current trend of malware infections that attack PCs on a monthly and daily basis. It’s right here!

CheckPoint’s Live Cyber Attack Card

The card is based on the ThreatCloud intelligence of the provider, a collaborative network to combat cybercrime. It can provide threat and attack trend data from a global network of threat sensors. Once information about the cyber attack is collected, it is distributed to customers’ gateways so that they receive real-time information about threats and attack trends that help them strengthen protection against robots, advanced persistent threats, and other sophisticated forms of malware. Visit the website.

Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map

If you are unsure whether you are under cyber attack or not, visit Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map. This page shows you the real-time attacks detected by the different source systems. It includes

      1. Web anti-virus
      2. On-scanner access
      3. On- request scanner
      4. Intrusion detection system
      5. Email virus protection
      6. Vulnerability scan
      7. Botnet detection activity
      8. Kaspersky Anti-Spam

The interactive map allows you to, Customize the layout by filtering certain types of malicious threats as mentioned above. Whether you are interested in tracking the source of cyber attacks in real time or simply looking for a way to view the threat situation in your area, Kaspersky’s interactive real-time cyber threat map shows you incidents around the world. Look at that! Look at that!

Malwaretech Live Map

This map at shows the geographical distribution of malware infections and time series of online and new robots.

I hope you find this article useful!

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