McAfee Real Protect: Real-time behavior detection based on Windows technology

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Many may feel the need for a second line of defense on your Windows computer and computer networks, so you have increased security. The second line of defense is anti-malware that can work in addition to the main security software. There are many tools like Microsoft EMET that can help you. McAfee has now released a new tool called Real Protect, formerly Raptor, which monitors your computer to block malware before it can cause damage.

McAfee Real Protect or McAfee Raptor is a real-time behavior detection technology that monitors suspicious activity at an endpoint using machine learning and automatic classification based on cloud behavior to detect malware in real time.

McAfee Real Protect

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Unlike Stinger, Real Protect uses behavioral analysis to detect and isolate malware. According to McAfee, Real Protect is a real-time behavioral detection technology that monitors activity at the endpoint and blocks it immediately if suspected.

You can see the blocked items in the window displayed by McAfee Real Protect. You can then check the items and clean them immediately or later by clicking the Reject button . The items you quarantine are available in the quarantine window that appears when you right-click the Raptor icon in the system tray and click Quarantine in the context menu.

According to McAfee, Real Protect uses machine learning and classification based on cloud behavior to detect malware in real time. For the moment, the tool is available in beta and free version and is also delivered in bundle with stinger. McAfee plans to include Real Protect in its future anti-malware software.

The best thing about McAfee Real Protect is that you don’t have to worry about regular updates of definitions. Once installed, McAfee Real Protect is in the notification area and protects the system. A pop-up window appears when it identifies malware that you can remove by clicking the Clean button .

You can also view quarantined items from the context menu that appears when you right-click the system tray icon. You can then delete or restore the items by selecting them and clicking Delete or Restore.

McAfee Real Protect is different from Stinger

Although McAfee integrates Stinger Real Protect into the package, it is essentially a standalone package that uses signature files to detect and remove malware. Real Protect, on the other hand, investigates the behavior of running programs on the computer and isolates malware for suspicious actions.

You can view the Real Protect log by right-clicking the Real Protect System Tray icon, then clicking View log. You can also open the location C:Program FilesMcAfee to display the log file in Notepad.

The user must be vigilant and take action within 10 minutes of discovering the malware, otherwise the items will simply be rejected and will continue to run on the computer. It is always best to click the Clean button to clean the affected processes before they can damage your computer in any way.

The footprint of Real Protect is quite small. The installation of the software only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is download and run the Raptor installer. The program is automatically installed in the Applications folder. As soon as the program is installed, it appears in the Windows system tray.

You can download it here. For more information, click here.

UPDATE : Please read the following comment. McAfee Real Protect or Raptor, like McAfee Stinger, installs the McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service, which is difficult to remove even after uninstalling the tool. You can launch McAfee Consumer Products Removal to remove this service.

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