Prevent webcam hacking attacks with Who Stalks My Cam software

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Webcam hacking attacks are one of the most popular activities of cybercriminals today. While hackers have been doing this for a long time, webcam piracy has recently made the headlines. DarkComet RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is something used by hackers to access your Windows machines. It is malicious and dangerous software used by intruders to hack your webcams and microphones. Millions of computers around the world are infected by this Trojan horse that allows hackers to remotely access your desktop from your webcam.

Fortunately, Windows can help you find which application your webcam uses to prevent such hacking. You can also easily disable your webcam. But if you’re looking for freeware, Who Stalks My Cam is free software that detects your webcam sessions, alerts you to threats to your activities and conversations, prevents hacker attacks and makes sure you’re not being watched by your own computer.

Prevent webcam hacking attacks

Who Stalks My Cam detects if someone is following your webcam and helps you terminate these connections. It is an intelligent program that can detect if one of your applications uses your webcam without your permission. Easy to install, it is a portable program and comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. It effectively detects potential security threats, sends notification and automatically suggests action.

Detects a threat

This program automatically detects threats and warnings after installation. It not only detects problems, but also offers a solution and makes the desired action oscillate to solve the problem. For example, if suspicious activity is detected on your webcam, the program automatically closes the program or blocks the webcam for that particular activity, protecting you and your data and call from interference.


When a program starts with your webcam, Who Stalks My Cam alerts you with a single audible alarm. So, if you hear an audible warning when working on your computer system, immediately check all running programs and see if your webcam is hacked.

Take action

The program not only detects suspicious use of your webcam, but also takes appropriate measures. You can choose whether the program should stop the webcam or end the process completely. The software also detects when your webcam stops and takes immediate action. You can set the program to close your webcam after a few seconds, minutes of shutdown. When the selected time limit is reached, the program automatically disables your webcam.

Whitelist a program

You can whitelist trusted programs on your Windows PC. Just click Configure Whitelist and add the applications you want to use your webcam with, like Skype, Facebook and other video calling applications. Who Stalks My Cam does not close any of your whitelist applications.

In addition, this freeware also maintains a database of all webcam sessions used, which contains details such as call duration, host process, status, start and end date of the webcam session and more. These logs are stored on your PC and you can access and view your webcam sessions at any time.

Download Stalks My Cam Freeware

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Overall, Who Stalks My Cam is a useful tool to control your webcam session and prevent data theft or burglary. Download and install this simple and easy to use tool and stay away from malicious webcam hacking attacks.

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