How To: Enable or Disable PIN History

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The PIN code is a very powerful means of authentication under Windows 10 that allows you to connect faster to a Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 can store from 0 to 50 PINs at least and maximum. This can increase computer security and a user cannot use the PINs previously used to connect to a computer. In this article, we will show you how to enable or disable PIN code history on Windows 10.

The main difference between a PIN and a password is the device on which they can be used.

  • Although you can log into your Microsoft account with your password from any device and network, a PIN code can only be used with a device on which you have created it. Consider it as a password for a local account (non-Microsoft).
  • When you log in with a password on an online device, it is transferred to Microsoft servers for verification. A PIN code is not sent anywhere and really behaves like a local password stored on your PC.
  • If your device is equipped with a TPM module, the PIN code is also protected and encrypted using TPM hardware support. For example, it protects against brute force attacks by the PIN. After too many errors of assessment, the device is locked.

However, a PIN does not replace a password. To configure a PIN code, it is necessary to define a password for your user account.

To enable or disable PIN history using group policy

1. Open the local group policy editor.

2. In the left pane of the local group policy editor, navigate to the location shown below.

3. Computer configuration\Administrative models\System\PIN code complexity

4. Double-click the history policy in the right pane of PIN Code Complexity in the local group policy editor to edit it.

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Perform step 5 (disable) or step 6 (enable) below for what you want to do.

5. To disable the PIN history

A) Select (Item) Unconfigured or disabled, click OK, then proceed to step 7.

Note: The default setting is not configured.

6 To activate the PIN history

A) Select (Period) On, enter a number between 1 and 50 previous PINs to save in the history, click OK, then proceed to step 7.

To enable or disable the expiration of a PIN code using the registry editor

To enable or disable PIN expiration, you can change the value of the DWORD expiration value in the registry key. This option is available for all Windows 10 editions.

Step 1: Open the registry editor.

Press Win + R to display the Run dialog box. Type regedit, then press Enter.

Step 2: When the Registry Editor opens, go to the next path:


In the right pane of PINComplexity, double-click the EXPIRY WORD to change it.

Step 3: To activate PIN expiry: Select Decimal, enter a number between 1 and 730 days, then click OK.

Step 4: Disable PIN Expiry: You can delete the Expiry Date WORD.


The question is how to enable and disable the expiration of the Windows 10 PIN. If you come back to this problem. Don’t forget this article and the solutions.

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