Fix No Sound in Hearthstone Problem in Windows 10 Computer

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It looks like Hearthstone for PC is causing problems for players because there is no sound in the game. Fortunately, there are tips to solve this problem so that Hearthstone is worth it.

This tutorial describes how to fix the sound problem in Hearthstone on a Windows 10 PC / notebook. This free digital card game is based on the Warcraft series and contains the same characters and elements. With a deck of 30 cards you can play with a hero with special abilities.

In addition, you can try many different game modes. Here there are battles in the arena, rating and casual games. Win games, perform in-game tasks and use awards to adjust your cards and improve your deck. Even about 6 years after its appearance, it has firmly established its place in the hearts of many enthusiasts of online card games.

Unfortunately, many users are now struggling with sound problems in this game. Users who play Hearthstone on their Windows 10 PCs or laptops will not be able to hear the sound or music from the game. only the quiet or distorted sound, the sound is simply not there. But don’t get mad. In this tutorial we will give you instructions on how to fix this lack of sound in Hearthstone running on your Windows 10 PC or notebook. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the fixes.

Fixing sound problems in Hearthstone for PCs can be very difficult. When you find that Hearthstone usually has problems after each update. Some Blizzard technicians and other players who encounter such problems try to reset the game. So they need to go to and click the menu in the top left corner to do this.

Restore Hearthstone files

Sometimes sound problems in Hearthstone are caused by damaged or missing game files. Check the integrity of the game files to see if this is a problem for you. Here is how it is done:

1) Run Blizzard Launcher.

2) Click on Hearthstone> Options> Analyze and fix.

3) Click Start Scan.

Wait until the scan is finished and restart Hearthstone to check your problem. If the sound problem persists, keep reading and try the update below.

Check the drivers of your sound card

The most important part of sound reproduction is the sound card embedded in your computer. It creates a sound that Windows decodes with the sound card drivers. If there is something wrong with the soundcard itself, the problem with Hearthstone sound reproduction is often related to the audio drivers.

The audio driver works with Windows and the sound card to play the sound you hear when you connect an external device or simply turn up the volume on your PC. Because of its critical role, any problem with the driver can degrade sound quality or result in zero sound output.

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To prevent this from happening or to solve the problem, it is recommended to update the driver to the latest version. You should regularly update the correct audio driver so that the sound works correctly on your computer.

You can update your device manually, with the Device Manager or with an automatic software update. The first option is to visit the manufacturer’s website and find the right driver for your device. With Device Manager, you can easily find your device and update its drivers through Windows. However, automatic driver updates will save you the hassle and allow you to update your drivers with one click.

Check the sound settings in the game

If your system settings apply to all applications except Hearthstone, games are the likely cause of the problem.

You should check the sound settings of the game. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the desktop application.
  • Run Hearthstone.
  • Open the game menu in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the options.
  • Make sure that the total volume and music volume are turned on.

In addition, you can check some links. You may have accidentally muted the sound. While reading, press Ctrl + S or Ctrl + M to invert the selection.

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