Fix Error Code 15 or 16 – This request was blocked by the security rules

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If you encounter an error code 15 or 16 when surfing the Internet and find that your access to a particular website is blocked, this message may help you. Error code 15 and error code 16 are displayed.

Access Denied: This request was blocked by the security rules.

This error depends on the browser, operating system and network you are using. This error can occur in any browser, but the corrections are the same in all cases.

Try accessing the website from other devices.

If you receive error code 16 repeatedly when you try to access a particular website from your PC, the problem may be your configuration. Sometimes your PC may not be configured correctly or an application may interfere with your Internet connection.

To check if your PC is the problem, try using another device on your network to access the website. If the problem does not occur with another device, it is almost certain that the configuration of your PC or a third-party application is causing the problem.

Install the latest updates

Sometimes, error code 16 may occur due to some problems under Windows 10. Windows 10 is a solid operating system, but problems and errors can occur from time to time, and the best way to solve them is to keep your system up to date.

Set the correct time and date.


There are not many conditions that you (as a visitor) must meet to access most websites. Of course, these rules vary from server to server, but one of the most common reasons users are prevented from accessing certain websites by “Error Code 15: This requirement has been blocked by security rules” is that their date and time settings are incorrect.

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This is most often reported with Microsoft Edge, but we were able to find several reports with visitors using a different browser that managed to solve the problem after setting the correct time and date. This is effective in situations where the web server is programmed to condition access by date and time. Most of the time, this is done to free robots from accessing this particular website.

Try to clear the browser’s cache.

Every time you access a file through your web browser, it stores it. This eliminates the need for your browser to retrieve files (including all images) from the remote website each time you click Back or Next. Sometimes websites (such as giffgaff’s when you get errors loading or using a coupon) don’t like it and require you to clear your browser’s cache.

Disable the security solution


As some users have confirmed, this particular problem can also occur if you are using an overprotective AV or firewall solution. Most of these third-party security suites now have a self-managed list of blacklisted websites. But as you can imagine, some are more precise than others.

If the website you want to access is blacklisted by your external security solution, you may suddenly lose access to the website. In this particular case, disabling your third-party security solution should help you determine if your AV/firewall is the cause of the problem.

However, with most firewalls, the same rules remain firmly anchored, even if you disable the client at the end. In this case, uninstalling the client completely will help you determine whether the problem is internal or external. You can follow this guide (here) to ensure that you completely remove your security solution.

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