Facebook Notes: When and how to create them

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Sometimes we want to say something that is too long when it is created as a post. I do not need to tell you that long contributions are often a diversion. The same goes for long articles on websites and blogs if they are not properly formatted to show what is included in the message. Another problem is that when you create a huge message on Facebook, you still don’t get views because it’s completely monotonous from top to bottom. Facebook Notes allows you to highlight text and use titles so your users can scan them and read subtitles they find attractive. The article focuses on when and how to use Facebook notes for Facebook pages and for regular users.

When to use Facebook notes instead of Facebook messages

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There may be several scenarios where you should choose to use Facebook notes instead of regular messages. This applies in particular to large contributions with more than 100 words. People tend to ignore big poles. If you have a lot to say, there is the possibility of Facebook notes or you can use a blog and a link to it. In the latter case (blog method and links), users generally don’t like following information links unless you have written a compelling case in the post that contains the blog link.

Long messages on Facebook are repugnant because they are just a huge block of text. By using the Notes function, you can insert subtitles, colors, highlights, quotations, listings, indentations and images into text These many functions make it easier for you to convey your thoughts in a (formatted) way that users will not overlook. You can use subcategories so that your users can jump directly to the text they want to read.

If you have too much to say, or if you want to say something with an emphasis on certain points, it is always better to use notes than to display directly on the news timeline.

Among other reasons why people would prefer tickets:

  1. Many people I know have used Facebook notes to collaborate people create a draft and share it only with people they want to share it with once the brainstorming is over, comments can be copied to the main note.
  2. If you want to dig into a hashtag and collect information, the fastest way to create a note is to open MS Word or another document editor this way, even if you have to go into something, you can continue from any other device on another platform from any other part of the world.

There are many uses for Facebook pages for regular pages and users, but the main reason is the availability of formatting tools that help you keep users longer. Let’s see how to create and display notes.

Facebook notes for pages

Although regular users can access and create notes from their profile, some work is required to add notes to Facebook pages. You must access Page Settings. It will display the link Apps in the left sidebar. Click App App next to the notes to add the notes function to your Facebook page.

After adding it to your Facebook page, you can use the left sidebar function in the Facebook window.

Tips for making a good Facebook score

A good Facebook is one that attracts people and makes them read completely instead of abandoning it halfway. The tips for creating a good Facebook rating are the same as when creating a blog.

  1. First, record a note title that causes the user to open the note. aph of the note is also displayed on the Timeline, when you publish the note, make sure that the first paragraph covers what all users can find the note or why they need to read the note.
  2. Use headings and subheadings – not too much, but it is not necessary to be a cheap skater; headings and subheadings should be explicit so that people can analyze notes using headings.
  3. Use at least one image I recommend using an image as a header as for your profile, you can also add a header image to any Facebook note use this feature to tell users what it is
  4. If you insert quotes from anywhere, the best way to display them as a block of quotes ; if you click on a paragraph or line, you will see two options on the left : the first icon is used to add images and the second is a hamburger menu from which you can select the current paragraph as block, quotation, title, subtitle, subtitle, etc. Text display in bullet form also eliminates monotony.
  5. Insert only what is relevant and omit other frameworks; if you want to add something that is not absolutely related to the note, you can enter it into the notes comments for review by others.

If you have a specific target group, you can highlight people in notes and comments. The use of tags is a good thing to get market share that will increase their audience.

Although you can view your previous Facebook notes for individual pages and users through your profile, the best way is to check the activity log. Simply launch the Notes/Application function and click on the pencil icon in the right corner. It takes you to the activity log and only shows you the notes – in the order in which they appeared on Facebook.

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