Facebook’s advertising guidelines: Do they really help?

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Facebook with its millions of subscribers seems to be the ideal place to attract customers and attention. Some are even considering redirecting money from their AdWords budget to Facebook advertising. You can find many articles on the Internet that offer guidelines for advertising on Facebook. If you follow these guidelines, you risk losing your money.

This may sound strange, but the truth is that Facebook’s advertising model needs a major update. I’ll show you in this report:

  • Why Facebook’s advertising model doesn’t work as such
  • How to get out of Facebook’s marketing / advertising model for optimal results.

Is Facebook’s advertising model right for you?

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The question should be whether there is a solid display model ! I see that they are not using the means at their disposal. Unlike Google, they follow you on the Internet to gather information about your likes and dislikes. But I don’t think they use this knowledge/data correctly.

For many, investing in Facebook was a waste of money because of the following factors:

  • New users without much information in their profile – especially in the’Likes’ section

For those who don’t know, the LIKE section contains all pages (i.e. which companies, organizations, music and other services) the user has chosen to receive updates. There are many users who are looking for more friends than similar pages. This behavior is behind the failure of Facebook’s current ad model because it seems indecisive about which ads to place in the right bar.

Facebook Advertising Model – Playing Blind

In my quest to explore Facebook Ad Model, I asked some of my Facebook contacts about the number of their friends, the number of their preferences and finally whether the ads in the right sidebar were interesting.

Final results were :

  1. For many, Facebook ads are completely independent of their interests and do not attract them. This is the band that has less than 20 Likes!
  2. People who liked many pages (over 20) say that the ads in the right bar are good and they tend to click on the ads to find out more information.

I conclude two points:

  1. Facebook Ad Model depends heavily on the number of target users and without them, it has no idea of users’ interests
  2. Facebook DOES NOT scan regular status updates for keywords !

The second point is incredible. Why shouldn’t Facebook look for keywords to rate its users’ interests? Everyone, including small businesses, does, and as such, Facebook is a whole universe of emotions that continue to flow! When I think about it, I’ll rephrase the second point: Facebook doesn’t use all the resources at its disposal!

In short, Facebook’s advertising model needs to be fundamentally revised. It must make better use of the resources at its disposal. Don’t believe me. Create a profile and see how they display ads. The ads are completely irrelevant until you like a considerable number of pages so that it becomes visible that you are interested in certain types of businesses, music, celebrities and services, etc..

Summary: Should you invest in Facebook advertising?

Before investing in Facebook, play with small budgets and see what types of pages work for you. There is no fixed template you can use. Instead, survey what your potential customers are doing on Facebook, and then develop a personalized plan that includes a series of exit strategies. I mean, if the plan doesn’t work for a certain period of time (one to three months), change the course and keep changing it until you get a reasonable return on investment – either as a result of your research or as a result of an update to the Facebook advertising model!

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