Microsoft highlights new multitasking features in Windows 10

It is all set to release Windows 10 on July 29 and Microsoft is explaining the new features introduced in the new Operating System. Today the company has written about few multitasking features in Windows 10 in Windows Official blog. Features such as Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist are the few multitasking features in Windows 10.


Easily organize your screen with Snap Assist

Generally we will use multiple apps at a time on our PC and we often jump between them to complete the tasks. Windows 10 makes it very easy and simple to organize your screen with few enhancements in Snap. Using Snap Assist feature you can snap up to four things on your screen at once just by dragging the apps to the corners. Windows also let you know how to fill the gapes with other open apps.

Control your desktop with Task View

Sometimes the content we run on our PC can get overwhelmed. Task View feature in Windows 10 offers simple way to view your open your apps, docs and files in single view to manage what you are doing. You feel your screen is get crowded, then you can create virtual desktop to gain more space and work with the programs you want.

Action Center

Our devices keep us updated through the notifications constantly and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Action Center let you to view your notifications and key settings in one view such that you can manage them and take the action quickly such as replying to the email, changing the brightness of the screen without need to go through the app.

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