How to enable colored titlebars in Windows 10

Recently released Windows 10 Build 10162 comes with lot of bug fixes and performance improvements, but hardly got any visual refinements. Many Windows Insiders are annoyed with the Microsoft as it is yet to remove the grey colored titlebars and let the option to have it in color depending on the accent color. However, luckily there is a tweak which lets you change the color of application titlebars. Here we are going to show you how to color the app titlebars in Windows 10.

How to enable colored titlebars in Windows 10

  • Navigate to C:WindowsResourcesThemes
  • Here copy the aero folder and paste it into the same Themes directory Now confirm the User Access Control request and when prompted for MSS files skip for all of them and it look like below.



  • In the above window, rename aero-copy to windows and confirm the UAC request if it is prompted and it looks like below.


  • Click on Windows folder which you have created just now and inside rename aero.msstyles to Windows.msstyles and confirm the User Access Control request.  It appear like following window.



  • Now click on En-US folder and rename aero.msstyles.mui file to Windows.msstyles,mui.
  • Click on back button twice and this will take you back to the Themes directory. Now copy and paste the aero file on your desktop. Rename it as Windows and open using notepad.
  • Here under [VisualStyles] section, find Path=%ResourceDir%ThemesAeroAero.msstyles.
  • Replace the above path with Path=%ResourceDir%Themeswindowswindows.msstyles.
  • After completing editing save the notepad file and the double click on the file to enable the colored titlebars. Now navigate to Settings app > Personalization > Colors and adjust the accent colors as you like.

This will enable the old styled close, minimize and maximize buttons. The colored titlebars looks bit buggy and the some areas of app window are not having the appropriate color.

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