How to clear printer queue in Windows 8

Have you ever face  a situation that when you print something but nothing happens, you need to wait for your printer to print but the doesn’t go through. There might be lot of reasons for this. Many people watch this helplessly as their ink and paper will be wasted as their printer will incessantly print the old documents which are not needed anymore. This clogged print queue problem might be due to the hardware problems such as paper struck or inadequate ink level.

Each time when you hit the print button on your PC, Windows will saves this print job and in some cases you might hit the print button for two or three times and Windows saves these print jobs as separately. Once the hardware problem is fixed, your printer starts going on printing the stuff which they don’t even need. Luckily, there is solution fix this problem.

How to clear printer queue in Windows 8

This problem can be fixed using two methods, using Control Panel and Command Prompt.

Using Control Panel

  • Hover the mouse to the bottom left corner on Windows 8 desktop and right click on click on Run option.
  • It will open a run bar and type Control Printers in the text field and click OK.
  • In the following Windows under Printers section, right-click on the default printer, this will open options and click on see what’s printing option. This action will display the list of print jobs which are in the queue.
  • Click on the printer tab and select cancel all documents from the options. If you see the print jobs in the queue again, then restart your system.

That’s it this will delete the printer queue on your PC.

Using Command prompt

Another method to clear the print queue is using Command Prompt. If you do this with the regular Command Prompt you will get Access denied error.

  • Hover the mouse to the bottom left corner on Windows 8 desktop and right click on click on Command Prompt(Admin) option.
  • Net Stop Spooler
  • Now enter the following command
    del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q


  • Now again restart the spooler service by entering the following command
    Net Start Spooler

This will clear the clogged print queue on your computer.

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