Top 5 YouTube GreaseMonkey Scripts

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GreaseMonkey scripts are really useful because they can improve your browsing experience as a normal user. Greasemonkey Add-on was first developed for Mozilla Firefox and later also for Google Chrome and Opera. As already mentioned, it will help you get more from a normal web browser, here are some useful Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube. These are really useful for getting more from your favorite video broadcast website.

However, before using Greasemonkey scripts, you must install the Greasemonkey add-on. You can simply go to this link and add it to Firefox. After that, you can install any script without any problem.

YouTube GreaseMonkey Fonts

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1] YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

This is one of the best Greasemonkey scripts that helps users view any YouTube video without interruption after launch. YouTube usually starts playing a video immediately after the website loads. At some point in the future, lower quality Internet users will be faced with buffering. But, if you install this script, you can simply stop video playback. Instead of playback, the entire video is buffered and then played back in HD. Download here.

2] YouTube+

YouTube+ is another great Greasemonkey script for YouTube with some additional and practical features.

  • Enable/disable auto playback
  • Repeat video
  • Open thumbnail view
  • Take a screenshot
  • Different modes, such as sidebar, full screen, movie, full browser
  • Watch video frame by frame

In addition, you can check the number of videos downloaded by this downloader in another way. Download here.

3] YouTube Video Speed & Search Mouse Control

A few months ago, YouTube added an excellent option to change the playback speed. You can play back videos up to 2x faster and slower. However, this script will extend this option and help you get more flexibility. Using this Greasemonkey script, it is possible to adjust the playback speed and fast forward. After installing the script, open any YouTube video. Then press Shift and use the Scroll button on your mouse to play back and forth the video. To play videos faster or slower, simply use the same scroll button next to the alt button .

If you use the Alt button with the Scroll button , the native YouTube option remains the default. This script does not connect to YouTube’s default fast forward option. Download here.

4] YouTube age limit

YouTube has different types of content. For example, you can see the latest gadget reviews and sensitive content that is typically available to users 18 years and older. You can watch this video if you’re over 18 and sign in to your Google Account. However, if you don’t want to use your Google Account but still want to watch the video, you can use this script. It will circumvent the age limit in a few moments. Simply install the Greasemonkey script and try opening any video that requires age verification. It is played automatically. Download]

FYI, here is another way to watch videos limited in age without having to connect to Google.

Generally, each YouTube video has a URL like this – _ID

Simply use the following URL structure – com/v/UNIQUE_ID

5] YouTube / Block Channels

Although, YouTube is a great place to learn new things with good videos, but s s ome people use it to spam. Finally, we get unwanted videos that should not be on the wish list. In such moments, you can simply block those specific YouTube users or channels with this Greasemonkey script. Here is a script called Block YouTube Users / Channels and it does exactly what it says. Just install this script and open YouTube. You will receive an additional button in the upper right corner. Click the button and enter the user name or channel name in the appropriate fields. You should know it’s case sensitive. For example, if you want to block some users who have Windows PC in their user name, simply add an asterisk (*) in the’Blacklist’ field. To block a user with a user name – WindowsPC – just enter it in the black list – *windowsPC.

If you want to watch Windows videos at the same time, simply add Windows to the white list.

All these things will help you watch videos from Windows but block videos with WindowsPC in the user name. Download here.

You can also download other Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube from different repositories. GreasyFork is a popular Greasemonkey script that you may want to visit.

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