What Are SFPACK Files?

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Files that use the SFPACK file extension are SFPack Compressed SoundFont (SF2) files. The SFPACK format is similar to other types of compressed files such as RAR and ZIP, but is used specifically for SF2 file compression. SF2 files are examples of audio files that are typically used in software such as video games.

A file that contains a compressed SoundFont (.SF2) file; contains a set of sample audio files that can be used to create sounds for games and other applications; can be decompressed into an SF2 file using SFPack, an old Windows utility from Megota Software.

How to Open a SFPACK File

You need to open SFPACK files, but you don’t have SFPack Compressed SoundFont?

Your computer uses file associations to determine which software is used to open and view a particular file. Although many software programs share certain file types, some file types must be opened in binary format. Binary format is a fancy way of saying that it must be opened in the program in which it was created. In short, either you are missing the right software or your file associations are wrong.

Here’s how you can open your SFPACK file quickly and easily…

SFPACK files can be opened using a free tool from Megota Software. Some other decompression tools may be able to decompress SFPACK files. After decompression, SF2 files can be opened with a number of audio players. The file type is based on the WAV format, so a player capable of playing WAV files will probably be able to play SF2 files. SFPACK files in their compressed format cannot be converted to any other format, but the extracted SF2 format can be converted to other types of audio files with most audio file converters.

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Download Now

The free and portable SFPack software from Megota Software can be used to reliably extract SFPACK files, although the software is no longer supported. Audio players such as Cakewalk’s SONAR, MuseScore and KONTAKT can be used to play the SF2 audio file if it can be extracted. Audio file type converters such as Xtrakk can convert extracted SF2 files from WAV and WAV to more common formats such as MP3.

How to Convert a SFPACK File

Since SFPACK files are very similar to other types of archive files, it is very unlikely that you will be able to convert the file to another format yourself. And even if you could, it could only be converted to another archive format, which would not be very useful.

What you might be interested in, however, is converting an SF2 file (which is stored in the SFPACK file) to another format. Here are some options, depending on how you want to proceed

  • Xtrakk should be able to convert the SF2 to WAV. A free audio converter can then convert this WAV file to another audio format such as MP3.
  • Polyphonic supports exporting from SF2 to SF3 (which is equivalent to an SF2 file, but uses OGG audio format instead of WAV)
  • The sfZed tool allows you to save an SF2 file in the SFZ
  • Extreme Sample Converter is another program that can optionally convert an SF2 file.


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