Best tips and tricks for using the inbox by Gmail

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Gmail Inbox is a popular email client for Gmail that was launched in 2014. Since then, it has enjoyed great popularity, as it is equipped with many extraordinary and very advantageous properties. In fact, Google will continue its traditional UI email service, Gmail, with Gmail inbox, depending on sources. Whether Google Gmail digs or not, you should definitely use’Inbox by Gmail’ because of its smart features and other advantages.

Here are some tips and tricks for using the inbox via Gmail in a more flexible and intelligent way. Since this is a completely new service for you, you should try these tips to use it better and understand the features faster.

Gmail Tips and Tricks inbox

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1] Invite others

In the early days, the Gmail inbox was an invitation-based service. But now that the barrier has been lifted. Now anyone can use this service without an invitation. But if someone has a problem using the inbox via Gmail, you can invite them to use it. To invite someone, simply connect to your inbox via Gmail, click the plus icon and select Invite to Inbox . Therefore, you will need to enter the email ID that Gmail should add to your inbox.

2] Create a reminder

This is a new feature that you cannot get in Gmail. However, these reminders are synchronized with Google Keep and you can track your important tasks with this reminder option. To create a reminder, click the plus sign in the Gmail inbox and select Reminder. Therefore, you can write your own notes. It is also possible to add tags such as email, call, etc. to better organize them.

3] Change label

The label helps the user to categorize all messages. Although Gmail allows users to modify labels, this takes time. But, Inbox by Gmail allows you to edit the label by clicking only two buttons. To change the label name, simply click the Main Menu button , which looks like three lines, and click the Settings button located next to the email label.

Therefore, you get an option named Edit Name. Just click on it and enter a new name for that email.

4] Delete label

As with editing, any e-mail label can be deleted without any agitation. At some point, you may need to remove unnecessary labels to clean up your email account. To delete a label, simply click the Main Menu button and the Label Settings button. Then you get an option named Delete. Simply go through this option to remove the label.

5] Sweeper

In the Gmail inbox you will find packages such as promo, social, finance, updates, forums, etc. This service is really intelligent and can therefore recognize the context of the email and put it under any package. In general, Promos and Social Tabs contain all unwanted emails (but it depends on that). So, if you want to search for them immediately, you can simply click on the Browse button located above the mailbox.

6] Edit one set of multiple emails at a time

As already mentioned, your email is automatically categorized. But if your email is in the wrong package, you can easily change that. In fact, it is possible to do the same thing for several emails at the same time. To change a multiple email package, simply click the Options button and select another package you like. More about this in the following image,

7] Pin any e-mail

This is another new feature of Inbox by Gmail. Using If you select this option, you can attach important emails at the beginning. At some point, you may forget all the emails. With this PIN option you can remember this e-mail. To attach an email to your inbox, simply open the email and click the Pin button located on the top menu bar.

8] Snooze email

This is probably the best inclusion, as many people often skip an email and try to read it later. Suppose you don’t have time right now, but want to read an email later. Instead of keeping the’unread’, you can simply sleep it off. This option displays a notification, which is very important. To take a nap at any email, simply click the Clock button and set a date and time. It is also possible to repeat emails by location. If you use this option, you will be notified when you reach a specific location. For your information, you can define your location on Google Maps.

9] Delete e-mails from bundle

Suppose you do not want to define a bundle (Finance, Promo, Social, etc.) for an e-mail. In this case, simply open the email, click the three-point button and select’Delete[Bundle]’. It’s as simple as that.

10] Low priority

Low priority is another useful feature of the Gmail inbox. At some point you may want to read an email, but it’s not very important right now. In such situations, you have two options. You can either leave this document unread or set it to a low priority. If you set a low priority, your email will be moved to another location accessible from the Manu Menu option. Here you will find the’Low priority’ section. If you want to set an email low priority, simply select any email, click the dotted button (radio button), scroll down and select low priority. It is moved under this section.

11] Post a specific package at a specific time

Suppose you receive a lot of emails in the promotional package and it distracts you. In such a situation, if you want to receive all the emails for a particular package at one time, you can check these settings. To do this, you can set the arrival notifications as follows:

  • When messages arrive
  • Once a day
  • Once a week

When you arrive as messages, you will receive notification for each new email. If you choose Once a day, you will receive a notification at 7am. If you choose once a week, you will receive an email notification at 7 a.m. on Monday. To do this, click the Main Menu button, then click the Settings button in any bundle. Here are some options like these,

Simply choose an option between once a day and once a week and close the window. I guess that’s it.

12] Download attachment without opening e-mail

Earlier in Gmail, you can only find an attachment if an e-mail contains an attachment. To download it, open this email and click on the download button. But it is now possible to download the attachment without opening an email. The Gmail inbox will openly display all attachments. This means that you can simply click on the attachment to download it, even if your email is not open. It looks like this,

13] Hiding a specific package in the Gmail inbox

Usually you receive default purchases, finances, updates, forums and promotions. If you still don’t think a package is needed to be in your inbox via Gmail, you can simply hide it. After hiding the package, you will find all email addresses in the list. but now the package. To hide a packet, simply click the Main Menu button, click the appropriate Settings button and switch the packet messages to the Inbox button .

This new service is really fantastic and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely do it.

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