The troubled world of search engine optimization

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The referencing comes into play. When you search for something, you see millions of results, you check the few results that appear on the first page, sometimes you don’t really get what you’re looking for, so go to the second or, in rare cases, to the third and fourth pages. But, as you can see, there are many more results. But you won’t bother checking them all, will you?

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This was the consumer aspect of the story, now as someone who writes stories on a personal blog, or a professional site like this one, as we write something that follows to fit in the first pages and not get lost in the middle of all the blocks. What we do, or rather, we try to analyze what interests our readers, the type of words they can type in their search for something similar. Once we discover this, we follow the SEO tips and use such phrases in our articles, meta tags, titles and all other relevant places.

What Is This SEO Thing Really?

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This is something that has been said and said again, thousands of theories have been suggested, but to tell the truth, no one really knows how to decipher this code. Most people rely on the search engine to browse the Internet, which is why so many web publishers are giving in to the consequences of this development. A high rank or SERP on Google or Bing promises a significant amount of traffic and revenue, and as we know, Google is undoubtedly the best and most dominant source of Internet traffic despite all this probation and all the theories that have been circulating for years, nobody really knows how Google’s search algorithm works Sometimes I wonder if Google itself knows how its search algorithm works – because confusion of results is caused after updates from Panda & Penguin !

This is why it becomes difficult, there are thousands of dubious start-ups claiming to help you index Google and get you all useless traffic. What they are not interested in is that such activities could turn out to be digging our own grave.

Today on the Internet, one site refers to the other site in their pieces and so on. This increases the reliability of a website. Now, the unpleasant alternative is spamming on other websites that inform about comments – where people mention links to their website and leave a message. But, those days are over when you could escape with such insignificant letters, now if Google feels such agitation, there are consequences, and instead of increasing traffic to the site, Google leaves it and takes it off the map.

This is what happened with a florist start-up Interflora

Interflora, in an effort to become more popular, joined various advertising campaigns. It has appeared everywhere – local news sites, blogs and other communities. It wasn’t a problem though, it’s quite common practice you want your product to get some notoriety, so popularize it through advertising. The problem was, as many websites report, the wrong placement of tags, something that does not take into account Google’s guidelines. Google has no problem with paid ads or links as long as the publisher defines a nofollow tag. A nofollow

Be good. Play it safe

Google recently suggested using tags with great accuracy. There is nothing wrong with advertising, but if you are approached to write paid content, or if conditions are attached to it, don’t forget to use the nofollow tag.

Do not pollute the Internet with spam comments. Do not sign up for Black Hat SEO, do not buy traffic. Do not post content that is too hasty or plagiarized. One advice I give to S.E.O.O. masters is not to chase Google’s algorithm, but your best interpretation of what users want, because that’s what Google follows,” said Matt Cutts, a senior engineer at Google.

The New York Times did an excellent article in which they explained how sites like Huffington Post excelled in dominating SEOand how their 2 positions ranked first for a particular search. There are several sites that use shaded software that recovers trend themes from Facebook, Twitter and Google. Therefore, they are more interested in reporting such things. The problem is that these sites have lost the essence of their work, they tell their readers what they want to hear and make money – no matter how much waste is information – rather what they should hear or what they want to hear!

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