Repairing Error Code Saxophone in Destiny 2 on PC

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The Bungie shooter, Destiny 2, was released on consoles a week before the launch, but the delayed PC version is now available in beta early access. At least, this should be the case. PC players who try to enter the beta version when it starts at 13:00 EST will encounter problems that fuel the fight and will get an error code called SAXOPHONE.


After receiving the bug report, the player will be asked to visit the Destiny 2 support website at to find the bug code. The support website offers a little help so far and informs: “Players who encounter this bug should restart the Destiny application. This bug was registered at the moment of its occurrence. “It is possible that the cause of the bug is a server overload.

Either you have not yet purchased the game Destiny 2 and run a trial version on your PC even after the trial period, or there are problems with the game server and you may need to check them from the beginning. According to some of the affected computer gamers, these two possible causes were found out, which are unlikely to be completely eliminated. Because if there is a problem with a server, you can do nothing with it. If you do not buy a game, you will be able to see the error after the test.

Make sure that the game belongs to you.

According to the affected users, the saxophone with Destiny 2 bug seems to affect users who play this game for free during the weekend. In most cases, this error code means that you don’t have a license to play the game or that your license has expired.

To solve this problem, you can close the Destiny 2 application on your computer and restart the launcher to check if the sax error code has disappeared. If you are sure that you have full rights to this game, but the error will not disappear after restarting, try another method.

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Run with administrator rights.

Another common reason for using a Destiny 2 saxophone is the problem with permissions caused by insufficient permissions for Therefore, you need to make sure that has administrator permissions to run it.

Step 1: Enter in the search box, right-click it and select “Run as administrator”.

Step 2: Click Yes to grant administrator access, run Destiny 2 and see if the error code disappears.

Step 3: To avoid this problem in the future, you need to make sure that runs with administrator rights every time it starts up. Right click on and select “Properties”.

Step 4: Go to “Compatibility” > “Settings” and select “Run this program as administrator”.

Step 5: Click Apply and then click OK.

Remove, Destiny 2 and clear the entire cache and reinstall it.

Completely uninstall Destiny 2 and the application.

Remove the following cache directories / locales:
% APPDATA% \ Bungie \ DestinyPC

Reinstall Destiny 2 and the application.

  • Firmware is the previous one, but try my other drive (in the same folder at the top) and another folder 1 time.
  • Run and Destiny 2 as an administrator
  • Check to see if the game was on my account
  • restarted my computer
  • Restart
  • Run the game with the .exe file in the folder
  • I checked to see if there was an antivirus or other software on my computer that could block it
  • Rotation by Windows Devender
  • Trying to start the game during the free weekend
  • Scan and correct
  • made sure it was in my shopping history *
  • Buy the game again for the same account to see if there is a problem with the game, which is in my library. (He told me, I’m sorry, you don’t have the right to buy Destiny 2 – Basic Game + Extended Pass Set).
  • Made a theme on Bungie, hoping to get a result
    The last time I tried to play it on another PC, it turned out to work, but since it is not my main computer, I would prefer not to play it on another network in another part of the country).

That’s it, guys. We hope that this article has been very useful for you. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment on them below.

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