How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code “Currant”

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Players of Destiny 2 are currently receiving an error code “Currant”. This guide gives players detailed information about what this error means and what they can do to correct it.

Bungie actively monitors for bugs of this type to inform us about trends affecting players. Problems of this type often occur when failures between host and client connections are caused by circumstances outside of our network.

This can be the result of ISP problems, packet loss, complications with different network equipment, Wi-Fi interference and other variables affecting the overall stability of the connection. As a first step, we recommend that players make sure that their current connection works properly to remove all external variables.

In short, this means that the problem may be on the player’s side, not on Bungie. However, when the problem is widespread, it almost always points to a problem with Bungie and not the player. If players get this error code, they have to run another online game to check it. If this game works well, the only other suggestion we can offer is to contact your ISP to see if there are any problems with your or their network.

In addition to troubleshooting problems, we recommend that players follow the Bungie Help profile on Twitter and the DestinyTheGame subdirectory. If other players have the same problems as you, they certainly can’t be solved with you. Be patient, look for the right channels, and maybe take a look at our detailed strategy guide for Destiny 2 to get tips and recommendations when the game goes live. Otherwise, you will continue to receive the Currant error code.

Close your current session

The first thing you want to do with the Currant error code is terminate the current Destiny 2 session. Then check your Internet connection and equipment such as your router. Are you connected to the Internet? Are there abnormal indicators that indicate a problem with your router? If so, you should take the necessary steps to solve these problems before restarting Destiny 2.

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Check if there are any known or scheduled downtimes

Before continuing, players should check for known service interruptions that could affect their ability to connect to Destiny:

  • Destiny
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Blizzard
  • Steam

Change the way you connect to the Internet

Most users already know that playing games over a wireless connection is dangerous and can lead to long delays and frequent shutdowns. However, some users report that sometimes it is the opposite when switching from a direct modem connection to use Wi-Fi.

This means that the error code may appear due to a bad connection to your modem or your router. If you used an Ethernet connection, try switching to Wi-Fi and start the game to see if you still see the error code. and vice versa. Both of these options can help you get rid of the error code Bee forever.

Note. If you are in the right place, you can also try to replace the router if you have a spare one, because some Destiny routers do not allow you to establish the correct connection because of the large number of ports used.

Turn the device off and back on

If the above method did not work for you and you first made sure that the error code is not displayed due to a server problem, your next target should be temporary data managed by the platform of your choice.

If you are playing a game on your PC, a simple reboot will be fine. Simply reboot in the normal way, restart the game as soon as the next download is complete and see if the current error code appears.

However, if you see this error on the console, a simple restart is not enough. In this case you need to turn it off and on again to delete the temporary data that are saved between restarts.

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