Repairing Err_SSL_Protocol_Error (Solved)

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If Google Chrome is your window to the world of the Internet, you must have encountered at least one error “This site cannot connect securely” or a message ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. What is frustrating about this bug (the bug family, in fact) is that there is often no easily identifiable cause behind it. SSL errors can occur on both the most popular and rare pages. Shit, I have one here on our website, and I can assure you that our SSL/TLS configuration is up to date.


Well, we can’t connect our system to your system and don’t understand why. What we can do is give you some reasons that could cause this problem. There may even be several reasons to join forces to disappoint you.

These problems range from an inaccurate date and time to a firewall that blocks the extension of your browser……… it can be anything. Most of the time, this error occurs as a result of server problems. But you’re not here for the diagnosis, are you? Here is the list of medications that you should try one after the other until one works.

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Delete browsing data

Sometimes, browsing data can also be an obstacle to your Internet browsing experience, causing you to make this nasty SSL error over and over again. If the date on your computer is correct, follow these steps to delete the data from your Chrome browser:

  • Launch Chrome;
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
  • Make sure that the time interval is set to “All Time”;
  • Tick the box “Cookies and other site data”;
  • Check the “Cached images and files” box;
  • Press Clear Data

Wait until it is finished and try to reload the website into your browser. There’s a very good chance it will open well.

Disable the Chrome QUIC protocol

Disabling the QUIC protocol method in Chrome is one of the best ways to correct the SSL error. So if you want to disable QUIC in the Google Chrome browser, copy and paste the following address into the address bar.

“Chrome://flags/#enable-quic” and press Enter.

Clear the SSL status

If the SSL status is not deleted, it can block the SSL connection and cause an SSL connection error. To clear the SSL status, proceed as follows.

  1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
  2. Now click on Internet Options in the lower left corner.
  3. A new window appears with the Internet properties.
  4. Now go to the Content tab and click Remove SSL Status.


The “SSL cache successfully cleared” alarm should appear on the screen.

Restart Chrome and check the SSL protocol error if clear::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is still present.

Change your level of security and privacy on the Internet.

If you have set the “High” level as your security and privacy level, it may block some strange connections, including SSL connections. This caused Err_SSL_Protocol_Error errors.

If you change these settings to Medium or Low, your SSL connections will no longer be blocked. To change your level of security and privacy on the Internet, go to the Control Panel and select Internet Options.

Then select the Security tab and set the average level.

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