Facts and myths about artificial intelligence: weak AI, strong AI and Super AI

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A few days ago, I came across an article that convinced people that artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence can not go beyond what it is now. She completely ignored the future. But we all know that research on this issue is more aggressive than at any other time in the past. We already have AI-based code, machines, etc. that will continue to improve. Let’s look at some facts about Artificial Intelligence, while rejecting some myths about it.


Some articles on the Internet say that machines cannot have a conscience. They say that consciousness is not measurable and cannot be considered scientific. But we know it’s all over the world. People have a conscience, whether science thinks it’s a fact or not. Science cannot even measure the brain or neural networks, but it must recognize them.

With this as a basis among the facts on artificial intelligence, I will try to explain the technology and the things associated with it.

The main argument of the article was that since consciousness cannot be programmed into machines, the stupid AI is the only AI and completely ignores the problems that other researchers see with super AI. There is indeed a school of thought in which people follow this theory of consciousness and self-confidence. They believe that the current AI is not an AI at all, but only an automation, only because consciousness and consciousness are lacking in the machines.

But we already know that AI means more to stage the human brain……………… much more than automation…… because it is about thinking in the name of computers. Thinking of the name of the computers/machines would mean NIL involvement of the operators. I will discuss automation vs. artificial intelligence in a separate section of this article. Let us first examine the types of artificial intelligence.

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Types of artificial intelligence

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You probably already know artificial intelligence. It’s divided into a lot of guys. For simplicity, we will divide them into three broad categories, which are used by beginners.

  1. Low intelligence
  2. Strong IA
  3. Super artificial intelligence

Low IA has existed for a long time. It’s just a machine it was designed for. Take the example of the vehicle’s cruise control. The cruise control measures the speed of the vehicles and keeps them under control. There is no intelligence, but it certainly eliminates the need for a person to observe the speed of the vehicle.

Another example of weak AI is chess. When you play chess with a machine, it seems to think. In reality, it analyses all possible trains and the losses associated with each train. It’s not slow, but it still sends a signal that the machine thinks.

In short, when machines need to perform few actions based on coding, AI is low. They do not expect real intelligence there.

The strong AI is the one in which machines can play the role of understanding. In the weak AI, the comprehension part is reserved for people who code or use machines. A strong AI can act on the basis of their actions.

If you remember TAY, Microsoft’s cat bot, he was fed manure all day and became racist in one day. So far, it’s a weak AI. But if she had understood what information she refused and what she had to collect, it would have been a strong AI. In other words, ignore the people who fed him with messages that led to negativity, and he understood that this is a bad knowledge. Edge that must be rejected, we could have called it an example of a strong AI.

Super AI is connected to consciousness. Here machines know that they exist and that they exist for a certain purpose. We don’t have many strong AIs, so we think the Super AI is out of reach. On the other hand, research is ongoing, experiments are being conducted, and perhaps soon we will have a machine that knows what it is and what its objectives are. It’s only a matter of time!

Facts about artificial intelligence – does automation mean AI?

No. Automation can be described as part of artificial intelligence. Automation can be as small as a baggage carousel. In the speed control example above, the machine reading the speed can be slightly modified to return the vehicle to its normal speed. Similarly, driverless cars, which can decide where to drive, can steer and accelerate the vehicle. While the thought part of driverless cars can be described as artificial intelligence, other aspects such as steering and acceleration are automated. It is therefore safe to say that automation is only part of the production of artificial intelligence.

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Will artificial intelligence replace jobs?

The confusion about artificial intelligence is that it can replace people in different professions in the future. Technology as a whole has already dismantled the labour market and made many of us unemployed. If machines can think for themselves and commercial buildings, they will do so at a much higher speed than people. Of course, companies will invest more in artificial intelligence.

However, there is always room for other areas. New technology also creates opportunities. Only that the requirement or capabilities would be different. For example, if driverless cars can replace driver jobs, we need skilled workers who can maintain these cars.

In this article, Microsoft explains how artificial intelligence will shape our future.

Can Super-AI be dangerous?

It may or may not be. It depends on what is supplied to the machines. When you look at TAY’s example, it went wrong because people fed him negative things. Similarly, if machines become aware and learn to ignore bad things, they will be good. When the evil works, they can certainly begin to counter people. Many renowned physicists have signed a petition to make governments understand the risks of super AI and stop funding such projects. But we know that trading houses in their quest for profit can go on any scale. Even if such projects are stopped by governments, some companies will be more than happy to fund such research and experiments. Then we must worry.

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The above facts concerning artificial intelligence are not exhaustive. I come with another article at a time when we will be talking more about myths about artificial intelligence.

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