30 other facts and new features you need to know about Windows 8

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In my first article in this series, I told you about 50 facts and new features of Windows 8 that I found exciting and really amazing. Here are 30 other facts I recently discovered:

A great feature introduced in Windows 8 is Genuine Center, where you can enter or modify your license key and check the authenticity of your license.
2) Windows 8 on-screen keyboard, can be divided into two parts and converted to an inch keyboard for easy access to all keys on a tablet. Multitasking has been made simple and effective. Windows 8 runs two different user interfaces simultaneously.
4. Applications can communicate with each other under Windows 8.
5) Gesture navigation is intuitive and fast.
6 What makes Windows 8 unique is that it offers multi-monitor options where you can display your home screen on one monitor and your desktop on the other.
7) Under Windows 8, the task manager is easy to use, with a dashboard to monitor and control events.
Windows 8 eliminates the fear of PC failure because it has the’Reset at the touch of a button’ option.
Windows 8 automatically keeps your PC up-to-date without interrupting your work with the new Windows update. In Windows 8, cryptography is much easier.

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Windows 8 supports newly developed SmartScreen technologies to protect against websites and malware.
Windows 8 comes with built-in drivers that support a wide range of devices, including printers, sensors, touch input devices, and displays.
13. blocks malware and makes Windows 8 much more resistant to low-level attacks.
Windows 8 allows mobility and connectivity virtually from anywhere.
15 Under Windows 8, DirectAccess allows remote users to securely access resources on an enterprise network.
16 AppLocker has been enriched with extended functions and allows the management of office and metro applications. Business users can protect their data from unauthorized access because Windows 8 is pre-installed with a new version of BitLocker.
Windows 8 introduces the Windows Store, where you can find the applications you want, from exciting new games to productivity tools and more.
Windows 8 offers many new features for business users.

20 You can set Windows 8 to Auto-Refresh, eliminating the need to press F5 again and again.
Windows 8 offers a reset option that restores the PC to the state it was in at the time of purchase in the event of a major PC failure.
22 You can integrate your Windows Live ID account with Windows 8, so you do not need to create a separate user account locally.
Windows 8 will have cloud applications and services integrated with SkyDrive.
24. pre-OS environmental protection with UEFI.
25 Windows 8 is also supposed to include call and SMS functions on 3G tablets.
26. Driver developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio’s new integrated development environment to increase productivity and develop larger applications.
Windows 8 supports a variety of programming languages (for example, C, C+++, HTML5, CSS3, DirectX 11.1, XAML).
Windows 8 provides the Windows Push notification service, which allows applications to receive secure messages from your website and send them to your application’s live tile or send a notification to the user.
29 Windows 8 supports contact selection directly in Windows using the Contact Picker function.
Windows 8 supports Mobility and Connectivity on the Go for business users.

As soon as I am familiar with the new features of Windows 8, I will return with such a list of features. If you already know new features, please share them with us here.

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