Learn to repair Windows as a computer professional

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You may have encountered a situation where your computer is causing you a big problem and you simply cannot reach or hire a computer professional to help you. Well, here are some tips that will help you solve computer problems yourself. I will try to explain it as simply as possible. This article is explained in Windows 7.

If a program crashes or freezes, it records somewhere what went wrong. So the first step is to find the newspapers. It is best to start with the Event Observer. In most cases, if a program crashes, it is recorded in the Event Viewer if the programmer has designed its program for it.

To access the Event Viewer, go to the Start menu and type and click Event Viewer. There will be few different types of protocols between them. Windows Logs is what we are looking for. If you extend the Windows logs, you will get four different logs :

  • Application
  • Security
  • Commissioning
  • Annex

Start first with Application Log. Select Application Log and see hundreds of logs sorted by date and time in the right pane. You must search for those who had the same date and time when your application crashed. You will check if there are errors marked in red. You can ignore information and warnings.

Frequently, for application crashes will be level Error and source App crash or Application crash. You must double-click on it to open the protocol. You will find a lot of information there.

Here is an example:

First read the error in the General section and carefully search for keywords like your application name and some DLL or exe. Enter this information because it is the notes that will lead you to the answer.

For example in this event log, the source is Side by Side, it does not point to a specific program in the title, but the log has also crashed since Movie Maker. So I opened it and reviewed the error in the general journal.

Activation Context generation failed for c:program files (x86)windows livephoto galleryMovieMovieMaker.Exe.Exe.Exe.Error in manifest or policy file c:program files (x86)windows livephoto galleryWLMFDS.DLL on line 8. The component identity found in the manifest does not match the requested component identity. The reference is WLMFDS, processor architecture=AMD64 ;type=win32? ;,version= ;,type=win32? ;,version= ;. The definition is WLMFDS,architecture=x86? ;,type=win32? ;,version= ;type=win32? ;,version= ;. For a detailed diagnosis, please use sxstrace.exe.

Now it shows that Movie Maker crashed because MovieMaker.exe is part of Movie Maker and also refers to Window Photo because for the location of the DLL. This causes all components of the Windows Live package to crash.

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The next step is to look for the error online, because it is certain that you are not the only person to have received this error message. Go to Microsoft Events and Errors Message Center and search for the Event ID, i.e. in this case Event ID : 35 (See image) or y You can search for this error message on the Internet using your favorite search engine.

: One important thing to remember is to choose the best site when looking for your answers, because there will be few sites that will ask you to download Registry Cleaners to fix the bug for which you have to pay. Believe me, most of them are scams that don’t fall for it. And in any case, a registry cleaner does not correct such errors.

Search for answers on quality websites or forums such as Microsoft Help, Microsoft Answers, etc. Some of these articles are also available in the Microsoft KB Center. So in my script, I looked at the TechNet Event and Error Message Center, which led me to Microsoft KB976229, where they talk about’SideBySide Event ID 35′ when you boot Windows Live Movie Maker on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

A program can crash for several reasons. We need to know if it is specific to your environment, for example OS or Windows profiles. Or is it the programme itself. The best way to test it is to enable the built-in administrator under Windows 7

Because built-in administrators have all rights and no restrictions. Testing in other user profiles is also not useful, since some programs have saved settings (user settings) in the application data folder – so if these settings are corrupted, programs can behave strangely.

Test your application in a new Windows profile, i.e. an integrated administrator, and check if it works. If this works, you can either create a new Windows profile and move your settings, or delete the User Preferences folder located in the Application Data folder.

To access the application data folder, go to the Start menu and enter %appdata% under Search and find the folder where the application name is usually located. At a given time, the settings folder may also be located under the program data. To access it, enter %programdata%. It’s a good idea to simply rename the folder instead of deleting it, because if it’s not, you can always come back.

If this also fails, we do not know the user parameter that causes the problem. The next step would be to reinstall the application. There are few things you need to remember when reinstalling: Always reboot the system after uninstallation. Then try downloading, installing and testing an updated version from the software website.

Sometimes another application may interfere with your application’s work. To avoid this, you can reboot the system at any time in the selective boot or clean boot state. That could exclude that possibility.

Sure that you also disable your security software. Because it is very common to hear that Internet security software blocks this particular application or one of the dependencies.

Always check the program support website. Because you may never know what problem you’ve encountered and the application developers have already found a way to solve it. Mos t of the commercial software will have a knowledge base. Most of the time, when you visit their official website in the support section, you can find a FAQ or an article on the knowledge base.

Search for the keyboard instead of just the entire error. For example, the error is specifying DLLs or searching for specific error code for those in their support article.

It is also very likely that Windows itself is the culprit. Because the software depends entirely on the operating system if the system file or dependency fails, your application will crash.

For example, if the 2008 version of Microsoft Visual C+++ Redistributable 2008 is corrupt, you can get SidebySide errors throughout the event display. Or, if your.NET framework is corrupted, you can see.NET runtime errors in the Event Viewer and the application crashes. Therefore, it is best to run the System File Checker or SFC /SCANNOW. You may also consider repairing your Windows operating system.

Experienced users can also use an excellent application called Process Explorer to find most advanced troubleshooting steps. You can watch this tutorial in our TWC forum if you don’t know it.

There are some tips to help you get started. If you encounter any difficulties, visit our TWC support forum. We are happy to help you.

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