How to clean the Windows 10 installation from a USB port

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In this article, we will see how to install Windows 10 with a USB key on a separate partition. This process can even be used if you want to boot with another operating system. To do this, you must first create a USB bootable media from ISO for Windows 10. You must also create a separate partition with at least 16 GB of disk space if you plan to boot it with the integrated disk management tool. This is one of the requirements of the system.

NOTE: Read this post Install Windows 10 after the upgrade.

After doing this, you must configure your computer to boot from a USB device. Be very careful when changing settings here so that your computer does not become unusable.

To do this on my Dell laptop, I must restart it and hold down the F2 key to enter the Boot Options Setup. Here you have to change the start order. If your device uses Secure Boot / UEFI, you must change it to Legacy. That was the default setting on my laptop.

Use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard to access the Boot tab and change settings. Disable Secure Boot, enable the Legacy option and set the Boot List option to Legacy. Now move the USB memory device to the first position and set it as the first device. After the changes, my Dell laptop setting looked like this. It may be a little different in your laptop.

After doing this, restart your laptop when your USB is connected to your laptop. When you upgrade to Windows 10, the new operating system takes the product key and activation details from your old operating system. These are then stored with your PC data on Microsoft servers. If you clean the Windows installation the first time, you may experience activation problems. If this is the first time you upgraded, enabled Windows 10, and then installed on the same PC, there is no activation problem because the operating system retrieves the activation details from Microsoft servers. If your Windows 10 is not enabled, we recommend that you do not perform a clean installation the first time. First upgrade the first time, activate and then Clean Installation.

Install Windows 10 from the USB port

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After rebooting, your computer boots from the USB port and displays the next screen. If you wish to see a larger version of an image, please click on the images.

Select the language to install, time and currency format, keyboard or input method and click Next. You will see the following screen. Click Install Now.

Commissioning starts.

You will receive the terms of the license. Accept it and click Next.

You are asked what type of installation you want. Do you want to update your existing Windows installation and keep the files and settings, or do you want to install custom Windows. Since we want to perform a new installation or a clean installation, select Custom Install.

Then you will be asked on which partition you want to install Windows 10. Select your partition carefully and click Next. If you haven’t created a partition yet, you can now create one with this installation wizard.

Windows 10 installation starts. It copies the installation files, installs features, installs updates if available, and finally cleans the remaining installation files. Once this is done, your PC will restart.

After restart, the following screen appears.

If you start the program twice, you will be greeted by the following screen. If Windows 10 is the only operating system on your computer, you may be directed to the login screen.

Windows 10 asks you some basic questions about your settings before the installation is complete and you are directed to the Windows 10 desktop.

When the installation is complete, remember to cancel any changes made to the startup options configuration.

This article shows you how to install any version of Windows from a USB stick.

See this message if you cannot install Windows on this hard disk. The selected drive matches the GPT partition style when you install Windows 10, so if you have any questions, please visit our Windows 10 forums.

How to clean Windows 10 directly without upgrading

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