How to Repair “TouchWiz Home has stopped” Error on Mobile Device

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There was a time when Android users hated TouchWiz, but now the scenario is that TouchWiz is the main reason users love Samsung phones. So what is TouchWiz? And what is TouchWiz Home?

Some people live with the myth that TouchWiz is an operating system. But it’s really just a user interface (UI) designed and built by Samsung. And it’s only available on Samsung cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Samsung uses TouchWiz on top of the Android operating system in its smartphones and other devices to customize the UI its customers get.

TouchWiz Home, on the other hand, is only the launcher for that UI that comes with Samsung’s Android phones. If you’ve managed to disable this TouchWiz launcher, it means that you’ve eliminated the impact of this UI, leaving you with the original Android interface or the default version of Android (commonly known as “Vanilla Android”).

What causes the “TouchWiz Home is stopped” message?


Android OS update: This usually happens after a system update because Samsung devices don’t clear the cache afterward, which causes the UI launcher to fail.

Problems with built-in apps: Disabling some built-in apps on a Samsung smartphone can also explain problems with launching TouchWiz Home UI.

Moving icons in folders: TouchWiz may freeze when moving icons in folders.

Problems with third-party apps: A third-party app installed on your device can cause compatibility issues with the TouchWiz app.

How to fix the “TouchWiz Home has stopped” message?

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Clear TouchWiz Home data and cache

  1. On the Home screen, click the Apps drawer to expand it.
  2. Then go to Settings -> Apps and click on App Manager.
  3. Now swipe from left to right and go to the All Apps screen.
  4. Scroll down and click on TouchWiz Home
  5. Then tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Switch to easy mode

  1. First, go to Settings and scroll down to the Personal tab, then tap on Light Mode
  2. Now switch from standard mode to easy mode.
  3. Then walk around the menu for a while and restart your phone.
  4. After restarting your phone, go to Settings -> Easy mode and switch to standard mode.

Perform a factory reset of your phone

  1. First, go to Settings, then scroll down and select Backup and reset.
  2. If the message Back up my data is off, turn it on, and wait for a new backup.
  3. Now scroll down and click on Factory Data Reset.
  4. Confirm the action by tapping on Reset phone.
  5. Finally, wait for the process to finish. In the end, your device will reboot and hopefully, everything will be fine.

Resolve software conflicts

  1. First, press and hold the power button on your phone.
  2. Then press and hold the power off button
  3. You will get the option to reboot in safe mode, just press OK.
  4. Your device will now reboot in safe mode and an icon will appear at the bottom.
  5. Finally, go to the TouchWiz interface and check if the bug is fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On the Home screen, tap the app drawer to expand it.
  2. Go to Settings -> Apps and tap the App Manager.
  3. Swipe from left to right to open the All Apps screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap TouchWiz Home.
  5. Tap Clear cache, then tap Clear data.

If you disable some built-in apps, you may have problems with TouchWiz. Sometimes this can cause TouchWiz to stop working and a "TouchWiz Home is unfortunately stopped" error message to appear. Installing third-party apps and widgets can often cause this problem.

In most cases, TouchWiz stops working after an Android update. When we update our Samsung device, old data and cache usually conflict with TouchWiz, causing this mess. If you disable some of the built-in apps, you may have problems with TouchWiz.

TouchWiz is an enhanced user interface found on all modern Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. Its unique ecosystem now offers a number of new updates, including optimized widgets, a flattering look, a redesigned minimize interface, and clearer icons.

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