How to Repair: BlinitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb Error

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The BlinitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb error is normally connected to the BIOS of your computer’s motherboard. This will probably happen if the motherboard is reset to its default values. Incorrect modification of the BIOS/CMOS can cause serious problems on your computer. Depending on the error you receive, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your device for better support. You will be able to check the cause of the problem and can help you modify and reset the BIOS.

This is a BIOS power-on self-test (POST), video graphics board (VGA) error. This can happen when there are several GPUs on a motherboard and Windows 10 suddenly stops. Sudden shutdown may prevent the BIOS from triggering an appropriate POST. This in turn can cause the motherboard to reset to default values. Resetting disables 4G encoding and resets PCIE speeds – all leading to a failure of the BlinitializeLibrary 0xc00000bb VGA POST error.

How to repair BlinitializeLibrary failed error 0xc00000bb:

Rebuilding the BCD

bcdedit command

This error message occurs when the computer’s boot firmware generates a large amount of memory fragmentation. This can also be caused by a problem with the boot configuration data (BCD).

To help you do this, we recommend that you rebuild the BCD. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Use the bootable USB stick you already have and plug it in or plug it into your device.

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Select Command prompt and type the following commands, then press Enter:

  • Bootrec / fixmbr
  • Bootrec / fixboot
  • Bootrec /rebuildbcd

Note: Please enter each order in the order indicated.

Close the Command Prompt window and restart your device.

Disable the secure start process (Secure Boot)

It turns out that Secure Boot is often responsible for this particular problem. This is a feature introduced with Windows 8 that has also found a way to access Windows 10. Its task is to prevent malware and rootkits from running during the first boot sequence.

During a secure boot sequence, your computer only starts with software that is familiar to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). However, the use of cloned SSDs or modified hardware may cause a conflict with the boot sequence under some PC configurations and cause the error “BlinitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb”. The secure boot function could consider the differences as a security breach and prevent the computer from booting normally.

Several users concerned reported that they had successfully resolved this problem by disabling secure booting from their computer’s BIOS menu. If you encounter the same problem and suspect that safe booting may be responsible, follow the instructions below to disable the security function in your BIOS settings:

  1. Once your computer starts, press the Setup button during the first boot screen. The configuration key depends on the manufacturer of your motherboard, but must be visible in the initial screen.
  2. When you are in your BIOS settings, go to the Security tab and search for a function called Secure Start. Once you have seen it, set it to Disabled.
  3. Once you have successfully disabled secure booting, save your configuration and exit your BIOS settings. Your computer will then restart.
  4. During the next boot sequence, check if your computer is now able to complete the process without encountering the error “BlinitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb”.

Check the connections of your motherboard

If you get a completely blank screen when you start Windows, it may be useful to take a look inside to make sure all the hardware is used properly. Here are the main components you should consider.

  • Memory/RAM
  • Operating system hard disk
  • PCI-E cards

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