How To: Monitor your Website using Web Performance Monitor

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Having a website is of great importance in the world of the Internet and computers. Whether you offer your services online or not, you must be present on the Internet. This helps in many areas, including marketing and user awareness. A well-designed and fast website gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. This attracts more users and gives you a boost – both financially and in terms of demand. As the Internet becomes more and more populated, monitoring your website can become more difficult due to traffic on your website.

It is important that your website remains functional at all times and that there is no downtime. If your website crashes for any reason, finding the cause can be a tedious task. However, these days are over now that we have automated tools to monitor your site for you. Website Performance Monitor is a tool that allows you to monitor your website at any time and even inform yourself of suspicious activities. The tool, developed by Solarwinds Inc, a network and systems management company, also monitors the user experience on your website for you. So let’s get started.

What is Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring is the tracking of website availability and performance to minimize downtime, optimize performance and ensure a smooth user experience. Maintaining website availability is essential for any business and monitoring the website application is therefore a major challenge for most businesses. The Application Manager’s Web Application Monitoring Service allows companies to track the status, availability and performance of their websites and to be notified before it is too late.

To put another perspective on the importance of your web assets, consider these two facts Monitor Scout Free Website Monitoring

  1. Google penalizes the ranking of your search results if your website is slow and offers a bad experience to the user.
  2. In many industries, more than 90% of purchasing decisions start with an online search.

These two facts alone highlight the importance of ensuring that your website is both online and working well.

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Why do you need Website Monitoring tools?

Experts say that a response time of 3 seconds or less is an indicator of optimal website performance. Any downtime can lead directly to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction, so a real-time website monitoring tool is absolutely essential for your business. The use of dedicated website monitoring tools ensures maximum availability and performance, so that your customers are always involved.

Best Website Monitoring Tools


Pingdom has created a niche among the market leaders in this field by offering the widest range of website monitoring solutions, with a user-friendly interface and an affordable price (provided your budget is slightly higher than “free”). Availability checks come from more than 60 sites around the world and include a second check to filter out false alarms. There are additional tests for page speed and synthetic transactions, so you can not only be notified (by SMS or e-mail) when the site fails, but also when performance is slow or when a particular feature stops working. Pingdom also offers a 14-day free trial so you can try all the features for yourself.

Traceroute NG

Let’s start with something that’s only a step away from the ping. Traceroute NG tells you not only: “It’s up there”, but also: “What path did you take to get there? The Internet is multi-path by nature, so knowing that your actual itinerary has changed around the same time that the system became unavailable can be incredibly useful not only to know when but also why your website is offline. Although it is a tool that displays the current status, by exporting the results to a log (the “-l” parameter), you can keep an eye on availability and the path to a system.

HTTP Monitor

HTTP is used for online data transfer. These are the rules used by servers and web browsers to exchange information.

HTTP is defined as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. With this monitoring control, you can check whether your website is responding correctly or not. If you have advanced settings on your side, you can fill in authentic status codes and specify whether the site uses SSL. This application helps the developer to see the HTTP traffic between the Internet and the computer. It also helps you monitor hidden communications between the server and the web browser. Monitor Scout allows you to check and monitor text strings as well as SSL hosts and ports.

Uptime Robot

If you are looking for a totally free solution, Uptime Robot is a good starting point. It was launched in 2010 when its developers undertook to develop a free tool for all. They promise that it will continue to be free, with added prices only for all the premium features they will develop in the future.

This tool connects to your site every five minutes and alerts you when there is a downtime. Although it works well, it does not have the largest operations you will see with premium options. For example, Uptime Robot has the main monitoring in Dallas, USA, with a few others scattered around the world, but premium monitoring tools generally have 40-50 server locations to monitor and check the downtime of your website.

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