How to Install Google Chrome Themes in Microsoft Edge Chromium

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Microsoft recently released the new Microsoft Edge Browser powered by Chromium for public preview and testing. We have already talked about installing Chrome Web Store extensions on Microsoft Edge, synchronizing browser data on Microsoft Edge, enabling dark mode on Microsoft Edge, etc. Today, you will learn how to install Google Chrome browser themes on the new Microsoft Edge browser with the Chromium engine. This is a bit tricky because it uses several extensions of the Chrome online store.

This article explains how to install themes and extensions into Edge Chromium from the Chrome Online Store or other third-party sources.

Installing Chrome Themes on Edge Chromium

As for Edge Chromium, all the extensions and chromium issues work there. But any source other than the Windows store, such as the Chrome online store, is considered a third party source. Therefore, you need to enable the setting in Edge Chromium that allows you to install themes and extensions from other sources.

  • To install the theme from the Chrome Store, users must install the Get CRX utility. First, open the
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, click the 3-point icon and select Extensions .
  • Next, we will enable the Allow extensions from stores option to allow the browser to install extensions from the Chrome Store.
  • In the web browser, we go to the link below to install the Get CRX utility in the Edge Chromium browser.
  • Download the Get CRX utility.
  • Open the Chrome Store and locate the desired theme in the Edge Chromium browser, click on the content of the theme. Right-click on the white background area and select Get CRX of these extensions .

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  • Then save the theme as a crx file on your computer. We can also download the application or theme in a different way than described above.
  • Note that you must remember the ID of each downloaded theme to delete it later. The theme ID is the last string of the URL.
  • Back to the utilities management interface in the Edge Browser, users can drag and drop topic files into this interface. Click Add to install the theme in the browser.
  • If a message like the one below appears at the bottom of the screen during the installation process, continue clicking Next to install the theme.
  • The results of the Edge Chromium browser interface have been changed to a completely new interface with the installed theme.
  • Only the tab and address bar are applied. If you don’t want to use the theme right away, click Cancel in the plug-in interface to return to the default interface.

Uninstalling Chrome Themes on Edge Chromium

Uninstalling the theme is a bit tricky because we used a small workaround to get it.

First, you need to close Edge. Open Task Manager and make sure that no instances or services associated with Edge are running. If you see something related to Edge, select it and close it.

Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location ;

C:\Using Your Local Microsoft Local User Name Edge Default User Data
Navigate to the “Preferences” file in the “Default” folder. Open it with Notepad or another text editor of your choice. Use the search function to find the “Subject”.

You will find a line like this ;


The “aghfnjkcakhmadgdomlmlhhaocbkloab” bit is the identifier of the theme you have installed. It will be different depending on the theme you have installed, so it will not match the example. You have to delete everything to make the line look like this;

"theme":{"id":" ","pack"

Save the change, then open Edge. The subject is now gone. You can see a message in Edge saying that it did not shut down properly. This is probably the result of a process related to Edge being closed by the task manager.

We hope this tutorial will help you install and uninstall Chrome Web Store themes. Do you have favorite themes? Share them with us in the “Comments” section below.

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