How to Install Appx Applications on Windows 10

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Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform applications use the .Appx or .AppxBundle file format. They are usually installed from the Windows Store, but Windows 10 allows you to download application packages from anywhere.

As with other software, you should only install .Appx or .AppxBundle packages from sources you trust.

What is an .Appx or .AppxBundle package?

New Windows 10 Universal Apps or Universal Windows Platform applications are distributed in .Appx or .AppxBundle files. These are application packages that contain the name, description, and permissions of an application as well as the application binaries. Windows can install and uninstall these packages in the standard way, so developers do not have to write their own installers. Windows can manage everything consistently, so it can uninstall applications cleanly and without unnecessary registry entries.

When a developer creates an .appx program, you don’t usually download and install it directly. Instead, you visit the Windows Store, find the program you want to install, and download it from the store. Behind the scenes, all software is available on the Windows Store in .appx or .appxBundle format.

In some cases, you may need to install an .appx or .appxBundle package from outside the store. For example, your workplace may provide an application in .appx format that you need, or you may be a developer who needs to test your own software before downloading it from the store.

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To install an unsigned Appx package on Windows 10

It is important to note that in most cases, you should not install unsigned applications on Windows 10, as they can damage your computer. However, if you are a developer or, say, if you are trying to install a new Windows 10 application that has appeared on the Internet, you can follow these steps to install the unsigned “.appx” package.

To enable developer mode

If the application does not have a digital signature, you need to activate “developer mode” on your computer.

  • Open the settings.
  • Click Update and Security.
  • Click For Developers.
  • Under “Use development features”, activate “developer mode”.
  • Click Yes.
  • Restart your computer to complete the task.

Enable side-loading windows 10

Before you can install or sideload applications for the universal Windows platform, sideloading must be enabled in Windows 10. Fortunately, sideloading is enabled by default. However, it is best to check and enable the sideloading setting, as it may be disabled by your administrator or organization.

  • To enable sideloading, click the notification icon in the system tray and select the “All settings” option.
  • Once the Settings application is open, click the Update and Security option.
  • Navigate here to “For Developers”, which appears in the left panel.
  • Now select the “Sideload apps” radio button in the right panel and close the window.
  • You have now successfully activated sideloading in Windows 10.

How do I install Windows 10 applications with PowerShell?

In this article we will see how to install Windows 10 applications with Powershell. Windows 10 applications are very secure, so Microsoft only allows users to install them through the store.

This could cause minor inconvenience to users who do not have a good Internet connection and want to install the software from an installation file. This can be done with the Add-Appackage command in PowerShell.

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