How to Fix Error 90002 in Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV player accidentally reported an error “Server connection lost” with error codes 90001 and 90002 during the game. This problem usually occurs in Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, the error does not appear on the main screen or during the character creation menu.

Use the following solution steps to fix the “Server connection was lost” error.

Possible causes

There are several reasons that can cause this error code, including:

  • The problem with the game server
  • Damaged game files
  • Router mismatch
  • Level 3 ISP Notification
  • Current IP / TCP inconsistency
  • Disable UPnP
  • NAT closed
  • Network card problem
  • Unloading of large-size cargoes included
  • Firewall or antivirus blocked connection
  • Take advantage of the GPN service
  • Inconsistent DNS

Reboot your router

Simply rebooting the WiFi router may solve a problem that may be connected to the server. Sometimes due to Internet connection, many game servers on your PC may not work properly.

Reset your router

Press and hold the power button on the router until it turns off. Then unplug the router’s cable and power cord from an electrical outlet. Wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. However, you can also simply hold the reset button on the back of the router for about 10 seconds to reset it to factory settings. The LEDs will then start flashing randomly. Then go to the router homepage with your browser, configure the IP address and everything again.

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Check for packet loss

  • Find out the IP address of the server you play on
  • Run the CMD on your computer
  • Enter pathping x.x.x.x (replace x.x.x.x with the server IP address)
  • Check your connection for packet loss

Typically, keep in mind that the first node is always your computer (or the device from which you are going). At the other end is the server where you run the test (in our case the FFVXIV server).

Everything that is between them belongs to your Internet provider, Internet provider of the game server, etc. E. Look at the screenshot above to see which node most likely belongs to your ISP.

Use a VPN to avoid level 3 ISP nodes

If you look at the error code, the error can be translated as “Server or earlier note lost your connection”. If you do not have a similar problem with another game or application, you should pay attention to your ISP.

If you do not use a Premium Internet Service Provider (ISP), there is a high probability that you will get an instant connection to Final Fantasy due to significant delays or packet loss between you and the server. This problem may be caused by a Level 3 node or a similar indecent ISP node between you and the game server.

If this scenario is applicable, you can either contact your ISP and ask them to improve the situation or use the VPN service to avoid ISP’s warning.

If you already have a favorite VPN, set it up and activate it right before trying to connect to the game server Final Fantasy XIV.

Disable Large Send Offload

In fact, this problem may also occur due to the configuration of a network adapter called Large Send Offload. The purpose of this network feature is to prevent high level protocols such as TCP from separating large packets into a series of small packets with separate headers. Usually this is good for optimizing network performance, but MMOs (including Final Fantasy XIV) cause random shutdowns upon activation.

Several affected users have confirmed that they can solve the problem by going to the network card settings and disabling mass sending for IPV4 and IPV6.

Reinstall FFVXIV

If your game installation was suddenly damaged, you may have gotten bug 90002. Even the smallest broken package can break your connection to FFVXIV.

Unfortunately, FFXIV does not have an unusual client recovery tool like many other similar games (although it must). For this reason, you should completely remove all traces of FFXIV from your computer and perform a new installation.

If the problem was caused by a bad game file, you will not see the 90002 error. As long as the small game file is not damaged again.

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