How To Fix: Error 0x80070015 on Windows Update, Microsoft Store, Windows Defender

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A Windows 0x80070015 error may occur if the operation has not been properly initialized. This is usually an internal programming error, and there is not much an end user can do. However, since this error occurs when you run Windows Update, Windows Defender or Microsoft Store, or when you install Windows, we recommend that you follow these steps.

Manual reset of Windows Update files and folders


You must delete the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder and reset the Catroot2 folder to solve your problems. They contain temporary system files that are responsible for installing updates on a computer. This includes data that supports Windows updates and installers of new components.

You can also manually reset the Windows Update components and the Windows Update Agent.

Install the latest updates


According to the user Windows Defender error 0x80070015 usually occurs because your system is obsolete. An obsolete system may have some errors and problems, and if you want to make sure your PC is working properly, you need to keep it up to date.

In most cases, Windows 10 automatically installs missing updates, but sometimes you may miss one or two updates. However, you can always check for updates by following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings application. You can do this quickly by pressing the Windows + I button.
  2. When the Settings application opens, go to the Update and Security section.
  3. Click on the Check for Updates button in the right pane.

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If updates are available, they are automatically downloaded in the background. Once the updates have been downloaded, simply restart your PC to install them. Once your system is up to date, the problem should be completely solved.

Use Elevated Command Prompt

I suggest you follow the steps below and check if this helps you solve the problem with Windows Store.

1. Press the Windows + R key on your keyboard.

2. type the following command line on the run command:

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

3. Wait until the end and try to reopen the shop.

Unload Power ISO Virtual Drive Manager

Press the “Windows” button and start typing “Task”. Select Task Manager from the list. He should be at the top of the list. After opening, click on More details. In the new view, choose Details. You can sort by any column, but I recommend a description. Identify all processes related to Power ISO and right-click on these processes, then click Finish Process Tree.

Clear Store Cache

Clear the Windows Store Cache

Press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously to receive a “Run” request. Enter “wsreset.exe” to clear and reset the Windows store cache. Once this operation is complete, a black console window opens with a Windows store icon at the top left. Once finished, it should open the store for you.


The error code 0x80070015 belongs to the Windows 10 update error list. While many people have reported that this error code occurred when installing Windows 10 from scratch or running Windows 7 updates, the vast majority of pop-ups were registered with error code 0x80070015 when running Windows 10 or Windows 10 updates for free.

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