How To: Disable Screen Auto-rotation in Windows 10

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Windows 10 can automatically rotate your screen if you have a PC or convertible tablet – just like your smartphone. You can set the rotation of your screen if you wish.

Automatic screen rotation is only available on devices with an integrated accelerometer. Windows uses this hardware component to determine the current physical orientation of the screen.

The automatic rotation of the screen is very useful. However, there are a number of situations where this can be annoying. The best example is when you lie in bed with the tablet and read something. As soon as you slightly change the viewing angle, the camera suddenly changes the orientation of the screen. It’s very disturbing. Therefore, you can temporarily lock the screen rotation.

Disabling screen autorotation under Windows 10 Action Center

Automatic rotation lock is enabled by default in Windows 10. To disable this function, proceed as follows.

  1. Open the Action Center. You can tap the icon in the taskbar (notification area).
  2. In the Action Center, press the DeepL tripod lock access button to activate it.
  3. Later, you can unlock the screen rotation function with the same button.

Tip: If you have a keyboard connected to your device, you can use the Win + A key combination to quickly open the Action Center.

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There is also a special shortcut key that you can use to activate the rotation lock. Simply press Win + O.

Disable screen rotation in the settings

  1. Open Settings and click on the System icon.
  2. You can also right-click or press and hold on your desktop and click/tap on the display settings to open the same page in the settings.
  3. Click/tap the display on the left side, and turn the turnstile on or off on the right side (default). (see screenshots below)
  4. When you are finished, you can close the settings if you wish.

Disable screen rotation under Windows 10 using the registry.

Windows 10 also provides another way to disable screen rotation. All you have to do is change a specific DWORD value in the registry editor. However, to carry out the following steps, make sure that all administrative authorities are in place. Some devices are available where the option to disable this rotation function is not available. For such users, this register setting will be of great help.

a) Type Regedit in the Cortana search box and press Enter when the same command appears as the result.

b) In the Registry Editor, navigate from the left pane to the next path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\LOCAL_MACHINE\LE SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current version\AutoRotation

c) Once you have reached the AutoRotation button, go to the right side and create a new 32-bit DWORD value. To do this, right-click on a free space, move the mouse pointer to New and select the value DWORD (32 bits).


You can now disable your screen that runs automatically by following a few simple steps. You can reactivate the autorotation function by following the same set of steps with a slight modification, which means that in step 5, you must deactivate the Shift key corresponding to the Rotation lock field and your autorotation function will be reactivated.

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