How To: Check your iPad Battery Health

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For example, Apple was fined at the time for downgrading the iPhone battery with the update. But according to Apple, this depends on how the user charges the device. As a result of this issue, Apple added a function to check the status of the iPhone’s battery. This service is still not available for iPad users. We’ll talk here about why you need to check the battery status of your device.

The performance of each device depends on the version of the iOS, RAM usage, and response time, which also depends on performance. If the battery condition is degraded, you will notice a slow response from the device. This may also cause the camera to lock up or slow down. You should also check the battery status when charging the device overnight. Hardware problems may also occur due to the lithium battery. Therefore, you should check the condition of the battery in your device.

If you want to know how to check the battery status of an iPad or Mac, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve highlighted the second part so you can skip the above paragraphs if you don’t want to know why.

How to check the iPad’s battery status

Coconutbattery (Macos Only)

CoconutBattery is an extremely small applet for the Mac that provides a wealth of details about the battery status of your iPad. After downloading and installing the app, open it, switch to the iOS Device tab, and you’ll see all the relevant details about your iPad’s battery.

The key details are full charge capacity and design capacity. The former shows the current charge capacity of your iPad, while the latter shows its original capacity – the greater the difference between the two, the worse the battery.

In addition, under Design Capacity, you’ll find a percentage value obtained by dividing the total charge capacity by the design capacity. In general, you won’t have to worry about replacing the battery – or switching to a new iPad – until this value drops below 80%. Mine is 92.5%, so I don’t have to worry yet.


The only application available for Windows and Mac is also available in two different versions. One is a paid version and the other is actually the free version for you. Just download this application to your Mac or Windows.

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Connect your device, tap the battery icon you see on the first screen of the application. There’s no need to bother with battery details as you’ll see a message that depends on the battery charge level. If the device battery is good, the message “The state of the device battery is good” will be displayed.

Battery Health (Macos Only)

With Battery Health, you can easily view all the important information about your MacBook battery, such as its current charge level, capacity, power consumption, number of charges, and more. Don’t forget to check the “Tips” section of the application for ways to improve the battery life of your MacBook. Why wait? Download the application for FREE and learn more about your battery than you ever thought possible! Detailed statistics and information about the health of your MacBook battery.

Battery Life by Robert Tkotzyk

An application to measure the internal battery status of your iPhone or iPad – recently arrived on the Apple App Store and that I’d like to share with you today.

The main purpose of Battery Life is to measure the current maximum capacity of the internal battery of your iOS device (mAh) and compare it with the original capacity (mAh). This measurement will give you an idea of how worn out your battery is.

A battery that can only be charged to a maximum of 80% of its original capacity should indicate that it is time to consider replacement. (Apple says your iPhone battery is designed to retain at least 80% of its charge over a large number of charge cycles.)

In the photos above, the battery status indicates that my iPhone’s maximum battery capacity is 1,336 mAh, whereas the original factory capacity was 1,550 mAh. This corresponds to 14% battery wear.

For example, a wear rate of 14% indicates that you can expect a 14% reduction in turnaround time for talk time, navigation, video, audio, etc. Battery life gives you the approximate time you can expect to use for various activities when you consider Apple’s design specifications for your device model and the current battery life.


Your battery is the lifespan of your Apple devices. So how do you manage them without it? So, in a sense, be careful how you use it and take care of it before it runs out. And if you feel the battery is running out gradually and faster, it’s best to follow the steps above. If you have any further questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we would like to hear your opinion on the subject!

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