Fix Tinder Error “There was an error updating your profile”

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The authors of the dating application Tinder believe that a simple deletion can lead to a life-changing match, all of which is possible thanks to geolocation technology. If the Tinder servers go down today, or if the iPhone and Android app doesn’t work, thousands of people could miss a potential match.

While some people think the Tinder app is designed for casual dating, others think it’s much more than that and have even started lasting relationships after using that particular app.

So whenever you have problems like Tinder, there has been an error updating your profile, it’s always frustrating. Use the different methods presented in this article to fix the error.

Error Message:

“There was an error updating your profile. Please try again”.

Update the Tinder profile image the right way

  • Launch the Tinder application on your device.
  • Then select the settings in the upper left corner.
  • At the top of your screen, select the “Edit Information” option just below your username and current profile picture.
  • After clicking “Edit Info”, a window with a total of six boxes will appear where you can upload photos.
  • Select the + signs on one of the boxes to upload the picture of your choice.
  • Wait until the image appears on the scale before closing the window.

Update the Tinder application

If the Tinder application has not been updated in recent weeks, it may need to be updated again. This will fix some of the bugs in the software, as they are usually fixed by more recent updates to the application.

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Download Now

If this does not work, the user can go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and find the updates section. On the iPhone, there is an “Update” tab at the bottom of the screen. In the update section, Tinder should appear there when an update is needed. The update button will also indicate this. On an Android, it is best to go to the menu and tap the Apps section. The update will appear in a list of applications that need to be updated.

Once the application has been updated, you can call it back to see if there are any error messages left. If not, the application should be ready to use.

Check your Internet connection

Believe it or not, a faulty Internet connection could actually be the repeat offender. If an Internet connection is unstable, something must be done about it.

Check the Wi-Fi icon at the top of the phone screen. If it is not there, the Wi-Fi connection may be interrupted. The user can go to the phone settings and disable and reactivate the Wi-Fi connection. If successful, the Wi-Fi connection should be visible again at the top of the phone screen.

Restarting the Device

A simple reboot should solve the problem, a reboot will solve the technical problem, if there is one. A reboot also empties RAM by terminating background applications that are not performing any actions, leaving more free space for the Tinder application to run.

Clear Tinder Cache and Data

  • Open your Android device settings
  • Open option named Apps or App Manager
  • Under the Search all leinder application
  • Cache and data erasure followed by a quick restart

Note: Clearing the cache and data clears the request data such as the settings made, the account associated with the request and data, etc.

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