Fix Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working on PC

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Risk of Rain 2 Cartoon Shooter is a surprisingly popular online multiplayer game in the Steam community. Because of its growing popularity, some people can’t communicate with their friends for online play. Today, let’s take a look at how to fix Rain 2’s failing network risk.

The risk of Rain 2 not working in multiplayer is a problem that many players have already encountered. While problems can arise from a variety of sources, we do have a few fixes that can help.

There is no definitive solution to the many multiplayer problems that can occur while playing Risk of Rain 2, but we have found some comprehensive fixes that may or may not solve your problems anyway! We will keep this guide up to date. So if you’re having particularly difficult problems, keep checking back.

Possible Causes of Danger of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working

Different things can cause different bugs in ROR 2. Some people can’t match their friends, some people can’t even play a quick game, or some people get stuck in the ROR 2 menu. As a result, many things can cause this problem.

Some of them are.

  • Damaged game files: game files are often corrupted to cause the game or Windows 10 to suddenly restart for some strange reason. This can cause errors in the base game file and can easily be fixed by checking the integrity of MMR 2 in Steam.
  • Windows Defender: Windows security is getting more and more powerful these days, and ROR 2 is no exception. Just let ROR 2 access the network through the Windows firewall without any problems.
  • Ports are blocked in your router: Your wireless router may not be properly configured for MMR 2. This can be solved by simply changing the static IP address of your PC.
  • Administrative rights: Steam requires administrator rights to run games without any problem, and ROR 2 is no exception. Make sure that steam_appid.txt is not deleted every time you start the game.

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Allow the game through the Windows firewall

In order for a game’s multiplayer features to work properly, the game must have continuous access to the Internet and servers to work properly. In such cases, the Windows Defender firewall is often to blame. We recommend that you make an exception for the game executable in the Windows Defender firewall.

  • Open the control panel by searching for the utility on the “Start” button or by clicking the “Search” or “Cortana” button on the left side of the taskbar (in the lower left corner of the screen).
  • Once the control panel opens, change the view to large or small icons and scroll down to open the Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click Windows Defender Firewall, and then click Allow use of this application or feature through Windows Firewall in the options list. A list of installed applications opens. Navigate to the folder where you installed Steam (by default, C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam), open the Steamapps folder, go to Common >> Risk of Rain 2 and select Risk of Rain 2.exe.
  • Click OK and restart your computer before checking if your multiplayer problem persists!

Check the integrity of the game files.

When Risk of Rain 2 stops working, the first thing to do is to check the integrity of the game files. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Steam app on your computer.
Step 2: Click on the Library tab and find Rain Risk 2.
Step 3: Right-click the game icon and select “Properties”.
Step 4: Go to “Local Files” and click “Check game file integrity”.

This tool will then search your game files and download any missing or corrupted files. After restarting the game, it should work normally in multiplayer mode.

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