Fix Google Drive Doesn’t Show All Files and Folders

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Google Drive is a storage service that allows you to store various files in the cloud and then access them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can store documents, photos and videos and even back up your entire PC. This service makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another without having to email them. You can also share documents with others and make sure your files are safe when your PC stops working.

Google Drive is free and supported by services such as Dropbox and Box. Although it’s not exactly rocket science, the service has many features that might confuse a novice. In this article, we look at the most popular features and explain what they are and how to use them.

According to several users of Google Drive and Google search results, the fact that Google Drive sometimes stops syncing is no longer a new problem. Well, synchronization problems mainly occur when something unexpected happens to G Drive, and there can be several reasons for this. The situation becomes annoying for users when they can’t finish their work because Google Drive doesn’t sync all folders. That’s why we are here with this technical paper to show all possible solutions to solve this problem.

How Can I View all Folders in Google Drive?

Run the Google Backup application as an administrator.

Click manually and choose to run the Google Backup software on your computer because the administrator cannot synchronize all files using Google Drive.

Pausing and resuming Google Drive

  • Press the “Google Drive” button in the taskbar
  • Select the 3 points
  • Choose Pause
  • Wait a few seconds, then go back and press “Next”.

Restart Google Sync

In the meantime, try quitting the other synchronization applications on the other devices and restart one of them with all its files so that it can re-scan the web. It is possible that when multiple devices are connected and syncing, files missing on one device will be read, the file index on the web drive will be reset and therefore the missing file on another local device will not be noticed.

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Make sure that all files are available on the web drive, as the copy will be synchronized with the synchronized devices.

  • Press the “Google Drive” button on the taskbar.
  • End
  • Reboot the system via the boot menu

Resign In to Google Sync

Sometimes, if you’ve signed in to all the other Google applications on your computer, don’t even think about checking to see if you’re still specifically signed in to Drive on PC. Normally, there should be some sort of notification that tells you that you’re not logged in. So just sign in to your account and fix the problem that Google Drive doesn’t sync all your files and folders.

Or maybe you have multiple user accounts on a PC where Google Drive is installed (syncing for different GDrive users). If you change users (as opposed to logging out of the first account), Google Drive will refuse to sync when you return to the first user’s account. Therefore, logging in and out of any user account with GDrive installed appears to keep GDrive synchronization working.

Also make sure that the account you use for the synchronization application is the same account you use to view files online.

Reinstall Backup and Sync

Uninstall it and delete the folder, then reinstall it with the boot options, etc. You may need to download the installation file again from the official website.

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