Fix Blue Screen Error 0x00000504

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Windows errors can occur after frequent use of your PC, and one of the most common is the error code 0x00000504. Program opening hours are getting slower and slower and response times are also being delayed. If you run several applications, you may experience failures and blockages. The main reasons for these performance losses are startup overload, recording errors, RAM regression, file fragmentation, unnecessary or redundant program installations and much more.

0x00000504 BSOD

The error message looks like this:

“An attempt to perform an operation on a debugging object failed because the object is deleted.”

In order get your computer back and running again, you may follow the following methods:

Use System Restore

System Restore is a powerful tool to cancel unfavorable changes to your PC’s Windows installation.

System recovery usually starts from Windows, but what if the problem is so serious that your PC does not start up on Windows at all?

Fortunately, there is a way to start system recovery even if the computer does not start under Windows as usual. You can simply follow the procedure below to start your PC in safe mode with Command Prompt and perform system recovery from there.

If your PC is running Windows 7, starting in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” is very simple. Here is the procedure:

1 – When the computer is off, press the power button.

2 – Immediately after pressing the power switch, press the F8 key until a menu appears on the screen.

3 – Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt from the menu. Your computer should now start in safe mode and display a DOS prompt.

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4 – Once you are at the command prompt, type rstrui.exe, then press Enter. This should launch the system restore utility.

Scan your PC for viruses.


Your computer consists of thousands of files and your antivirus software is meticulous when it comes to scanning everything. Fortunately, it is quite easy to tell your antivirus software to do so. Follow these steps to scan your entire computer for viruses:

Double-click or right-click on the antivirus program’s taskbar icon; browse to scan and go!

In Windows Explorer, right-click a file or directory and select Scan.

To ensure that your computer is virus-free, you should run your antivirus programs regularly.

Use the ChkDsk utility

chkdsk win10

The ChkDsk utility (abbreviated as “Check Disk”) is a useful part of Windows that allows you to check a particular hard disk for problems.

Start by navigating to the drive you want to check. (You can navigate to the player in several ways, including using Windows Explorer or File Explorer. Right-click on the drive you want to check and select Properties from the resulting context menu. Windows displays a properties dialog box for the player; you must ensure that the Tools tab is displayed.

Then click on the Check Now or Check button. (The exact wording of the button depends on your version of Windows.) What you see next may vary depending on your version of Windows. For example, if you are using Windows 7, a dialog box appears in which you can set options to perform the review.

That’s it. Hoping that your problem with error code 0x00000504 is now fixed with your PC up and running again.

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