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Start the Windows store in mode. Windows Safe Mode is a free built-in utility that disables all unnecessary drivers and programs that can cause problems with Windows.
Perform a clean boot.
Run an SFC and DISM scan.
Check your equipment.
Use the event viewer.

Your Windows Note blue screen stop code.
Try a specific fix for the blue screen error code.
Check the latest computer changes.
Check for Windows updates and drivers.
Perform a system restore.
Scan for malware.
Test your computer hardware.
Run an SFC scan.

A blue screen appears when Windows encounters a critical error that stops the operating system from working. These critical errors can be the result of faulty hardware, faulty or low-level hardware drivers, or faulty or low-level applications running in the Windows kernel.


CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION is a famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which is well known in the Windows platform due to the number of errors associated. Normally, a critical state appears in the computer as a BSOD.


The CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error check has the value 0x00000109, indicating that the kernel has detected critical kernel or data code corruption.

This error is usually a driver problem and the graphics card driver is the most suspicious, although it may be different. Anti-virus/anti-spyware/security programs, hardware (heat) and major software problems can also cause the error. When you arrive in the troubleshooting driver area, use my common methods below, then return to troubleshooting if necessary.


Using the Event Viewer for additional messages

Event Viewer

The System Log in Event Viewer can reveal a lot about any error message that has occurred on your computer. Open the Event Viewer and navigate to Windows Logs > System. On the right side, you should find the error. If you click on it, you will receive a detailed message and the cause of the problem.

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However, if the Event Observer has nothing to offer, try these suggestions.

Checking the system memory

Windows Memory Diagnostics

The system memory is the first hardware component to be checked for the BSOD, as it is probably the first major component to fail when the critical structure corruption error occurs. Windows has a built-in application to check system memory.

  1. Click the Start button to open the Start menu.
  2. Search for Windows memory diagnostics.
  3. Open it in management mode.
  4. Select the Restart now option and check for problems. This leads to a reboot of the system. After rebooting the system, the memory test starts. If the test fails, you will need to purchase a new memory.

Update the video driver

In many cases, this blue death error screen is caused by a defective graphics card driver.

You can manually update your video driver by visiting your video card manufacturer’s website and checking the latest correct driver. Be sure to select drivers that are compatible with your version of Windows 10. Note that if you are a laptop user, you should always go to the laptop manufacturer to get the right graphics driver, otherwise you risk losing the custom function provided with your graphics card.

Deleting the last driver or software installed

Sometimes errors on the blue screen are caused by the software. They are usually due to corrupt drivers. If you have installed a new driver or software before doing so, we recommend that you uninstall it. You can do this under Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) in Windows.

That’s all, if you have other problems with Windows 10, you can find the solution in our Windows 10 Fix section.—critical-structure-corruption

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