Different types of Windows updates

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There are four types of quality updates in Windows 10, including B, C, D, and unscheduled. Deployment “B” occurs every scheduled Patch Tuesday and includes the major patches required by devices in that month.

Critical update. A popular solution to a specific problem that resolves a critical non-security bug.
definition updated. Frequently released software update that includes additions to the product definition database.
feature pack.
security update.
package of services.

With Microsoft’s new servicing model, there are now two types of updates: Quality Updates and Feature Updates. Both are equally important, but each provides different enhancements at different times.

2.1 version 1507 (original version)
2.2 version 1511 (November update)
2.3 version 1607 (anniversary update)
2.4 Version 1703 (Authors Update)
Version 2.5 (autumn update for 1709 authors)
2.6 version 1803 (April update)
2 2018.7 Version 1809 (October 2018 update)
2.8 version 1903 2019 (can be updated)


If you have ever used a Windows device, you may have encountered frequent updates just before turning off your computer. Sometimes your device will ask you to install important updates. Then there are six annual feature updates, which are also essential ! What are all these Windows Updates? What is the difference between different types of Windows updates? Let’s take a look at it. First let’s check the difference between Windows updates and Microsoft updates.

Windows Updates vs. Microsoft Updates

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Windows Updates refers to updates and service packs available for Windows operating systems. Microsoft, as a software giant, also updates its other products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneDrive and other such products. All updates that apply to the entire operating system, MS Office, OneDrive, and other things like games, etc. are called Microsoft Updates. Updates that only apply to the operating system are Windows updates. You can say that Windows Update is a subset of Microsoft Updates.

Updates that affect the entire software, such as Office software or specific software (for example Outlook) are called Microsoft updates. The Windows Update and Microsoft Update delivery model depends on the types of Windows Update. For example, if monthly updates are done every second Tuesday of the month.

We are now talking about the types of Windows updates.

Windows Update Types

When working with Windows devices, you may have encountered the following types of Windows updates.

      1. Critical Update : This is a worldwide version update for each specific problem that is not related to operating system security ; these updates are released to resolve critical but not security related issues
      2. Definition Update : Definition Update is a Windows update that adds or modifies the Windows operating system definition database; a definition database is a database integrated with the operating system to identify malicious code, phishing sites, and junk mail
      3. Update: An update corrects a non-critical, non-safety related error.
      4. Driver Updates: are those that affect the operation of one or more device drivers
      5. Security updates : Updates that fix security problems in an operating system are called security updates. These Windows updates are usually published after a security organization detects an error in an operating system and alerts Microsoft ; Microsoft creates a patch (update) as soon as possible or within a specified time to resolve these issues the update is then published worldwide ; users are also often notified by email to download these security updates.
      6. Function package updates : If updates are updates that make changes to certain features of the operating system; these updates are published when available to a selected group of users; if this group of users provides good feedback on changes made to the features of the operating system, Microsoft includes the changes in the next major version of the Windows operating system Currently, you receive two feature updates each year when you use Windows 10
      7. Monthly Rollup: Among the different types of Windows updates, you also receive a monthly rollup as an update every other Tuesday; this update includes all updates made during the previous month as well as additional malware definitions
      8. Service Pack: This is a cumulative set of all patches, security updates, critical updates, fixes and updates. This is a set of Windows updates t it has been released between two consecutive versions of the Windows operating system. The age of service packs is over.
      9. Tool updates: These are updates of integrated tools and utilities.
      10. Update Rollup: A cumulative set of patches, security updates, critical updates, and updates bundled for easy deployment
      11. Complete Updates: You have all the necessary components and files that have changed since the last feature update.
      12. Express Updates: Generate differential downloads for each component in a complete update based on multiple historical databases.
      13. Delta Updates: They only contain components that were changed during the last quality update and are installed only if the previous month’s update is already installed on a device.
      14. Security quality update: It contains all previous updates.
      15. Security Monthly Quality Rollup: It only contains updates for the current month.
      16. Quality monthly rollup overview: This is an overview of the quality updates that will be released next month.

These are some of the different types of Windows updates.

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