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Among the many tools cybercriminals use to make money, there are ransom software. Ransomware encrypts or locks your computer so that you can no longer use it. Until you pay the cybercriminals who injected a ransom into your computer. Sometimes Ransomware cannot be detected by the average anti-malware software we have installed on our Windows 10/8.1 computer. That’s why we need special programs to detect, protect and prevent ransoms from entering our computers.

EasySync CryptoMonitor is a free anti-ransomware software that claims to provide free protection against ransomware. It is an easy to use program. It is easy to install, starts when you start your computer and sits quietly – all the time to monitor your computer for ransom. Only the first time, it takes some time for installed applications to be protected.

CryptoMonitor will effectively stop an encryption infection, blacklist it and notify you when the infection begins.

The tool recognizes the ransom as soon as it attempts to take control of your computer. It then alerts you by e-mail and removes the ransom in most cases. In some cases where it cannot delete a ransom demand, the computer is locked so that the ransom demand cannot be accepted until you have received professional help.

Although Ransomware says they will unlock or decrypt the computer after paying the ransom, this may or may not happen. You can’t trust cybercriminals, and once they have the money, it would be difficult for you to contact them. You use one-way email credentials for payments via PayPal or one-time bank accounts that are closed immediately after payment is received.

Ransomware’s most common technique is to change file formats so quickly that they become inaccessible to you. CryptoMonitor offers two methods to detect the presence of ransomware on your computer. One is the Entrap method and the other is the Count method. The counting method is only offered for Pro versions, so we will skip this, as we will focus only on free ransom protection in this article.

In the free version , the trap method is used to protect the computer from ransom. This method allows you to save different files to your hard drive as simple ransom targets. There is continuous communication between these files and a central engine that ensures the security of these files. If a file does not respond or detects suspicious behavior, it alerts the central engine, which quickly locks the computer so that no further changes can be made to the computer. He then attempts to isolate and eliminate the ransom demand.

If Ransomware comes as injected malicious code, CryptoMonitor can remove this Ransomware in the free version. In the free version, however, the program cannot remove ransomware if it mixes with a legitimate process like SVCHOST. Even if you cannot delete the ransom request, you are protected because your computer is locked and no file changes are possible. You can try to troubleshoot or call a professional to remove the ransom demand from your device.

If you use this tool, you will be notified when the ransom software attempts to take control of your computer, and your system will soon be blocked so that the ransom software cannot take control of your computer and its data and considers you a ransom. If he can take the ransom, fine and dandy. If this is not the case, your data is always secure. All you have to do is find a way to eliminate the ransom. If you are a computer expert, you can probably clean it yourself or hire a professional to remove the ransom software so that your files are not damaged.

In both cases, your data is secure and that’s what counts at the end of the day. You don’t have to pay cybercriminals because CryptoMonitor – the free Ransomware protection tool – protects your data and, in most cases, even removes Ransomware from your computer.

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You can download CryptoMonitor from its homepage. UPDATE : CryptoMonitor has been adopted by malicious bytes.

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