Yandex DNS check: Faster and more secure Internet with checks

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We have checked many free DNS for to help you choose the fastest DNS and therefore a faster Internet. We also covered the term DNS in detail – and explained how it works and how to control web browsing speed by changing DNS settings. In short, Domain Name Service (DNS) servers are computers that translate the hyperlinks (URLs) you enter in your browser’s address bar into related IP addresses so that the computer you are using can connect to the server (website) you want. In the same series, this Yandex DNS review checks for speed, security and other options, if any.

Yandex DNS check

Yandex.DNS is fast

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Compared to the Comodo Secure DNS and OpenDNS I used earlier, Yandex DNS seemed to work faster. When I chose Safe Mode. Yandex.DNS provides three sets of DNS servers:

  1. Basic : Increase domain name resolution speed to make Internet browsing a little faster. The IP addresses of the server in this case are: and 77.88.8. 1b>b>b>b>b>
  2. SecureSecure Since Yandex DNS offers secure DNS servers under another group, I assume that the above DNS servers (BASIC) are only used for resolution 77. and Since I didn’t want any risk, I checked Yandex with these DNS servers. The resolution speed of domain names was even higher than with Comodo DNS, which also provides good protection against malware and at the same time offers a DNS service.
  3. Parental Controls : This set of Yandex DNS servers ensures that your children or anyone else in the family is unable to create sites with pornography, violence and other similar things that negatively affect the brain. The DNS servers used to resolve DNS while avoiding X-rated websites are and

I was mainly busy with my copy of Google Chrome, which took forever to resolve DNS – of course because of the number of extensions I used there. I’ve tried many DNS servers to see if they can improve chrome DNS resolution – including Google and OpenDNS and Comodo. I also used NameBench DNS Tester to check the fastest DNS servers for my site, and it suggested Google DNS servers. Surprisingly, the Yandex DNS proved to be faster compared to Google DNS.

One of the reasons I think Yandex DNS servers are fast is that the service is brand new and now has little traffic. However, would like someone from Yandex to comment on this.

Note that during the Yandex test, I made changes to the router, rather than just changes to the computer on the network. I’m not sure it had any additional effect. Previously, the router was set to automatically recognize DNS and use the DNS servers mentioned on each computer. But as other computers also had slow domain resolution problems, I changed the router’s DNS servers. As I am not very familiar with the hardware domain, I leave it to you to determine if changing DNS servers in the router makes resolution faster than configuring individual computers on the network.

Pages parked and ISP request

For once, I was glad I didn’t get a message from my ISP saying they couldn’t resolve the DNS when I entered a test domain (something like Also with Comodo DNS, which uses ISP to not visit the page on its own list of sites. In the case of Yandex, Firefox and Chrome showed 404 errors as shown in the image below. I didn’t test IE because IE11 turned out to be fast, and I didn’t find any.

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