Windows 10 now powers over 200 million devices worldwide

Microsoft has just made a major announcement about Windows 10 usage report, claiming that the latest operating system now has over 200 million active users. This is a hike of over 90 million users from the last time Microsoft made the data public in October 2015. The report also suggests that 40% of this hike was seen around Black Friday, which indicates that there are a lot of users still betting for Windows powered machines.

The number of 200 million also includes the number of users using new XBox One Experience, which became official in November 2015. In the official release, Microsoft also pointed out that Windows 10 has seen the fastest growth trajectory among all the Windows versions over the years, surpassing Windows 7 by around 140% and Windows 8 by over 400%.

Along with the consumer space, Microsoft did share the details of the Enterprise and educational users, saying that over 70% of the enterprise users are in active pilot of Windows 10. Also, out of the total 200 million, around 22 million users are either enterprise or education customers.

More Windows 10 Stats

  • In December 2015, users have spent over 11 Billion hours on Windows 10. The time was more than ever before.
  • The latest browser from Microsoft, Edge saw an amazing response from the users. 44.5 Billion minutes were spent inside the browser in last month alone.
  • Cortana has seen a decent response from Windows 10 users too. There were over 2.5 Billion questions asked in December 2015.
  • Over 82 Billion photos viewed on the Windows 10 Photos app.
  • Windows Store saw 60% new paying users in December 2015.
  • There was an increase of over 200% in the number of financial transactions over this holiday season
  • December saw an increase of 4.5x revenue per customer for Microsoft. Solely because of Windows 10 compared to Windows 8. This makes the journey for Windows 10 pretty amazing as the tech giant is targeting 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in the coming years and they are already at 20% of it in less than 5 months since the official Windows 10 launch late in July 2015.

With the CES around the corner, we are set to see pretty amazing devices running Windows 10 and Microsoft might just be more hopeful of reaching to even greater heights in the time to come.

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