What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10122

Microsoft is continuously releasing updates for its Windows 10 preview and the Preview version is getting better after every update. Yesterday Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider preview Build 10122 and let us see what is new in this. Most noticeable changes in this preview version are in Start screen, Continuum and Edge browser.



The changes we have noticed in the start screen are the tiles appear larger in the tablet mode and left pane is collapsed now. To bring back the left pane you need to click on the icon at the top left corner. File explorer and settings were moved to the left bottom of the start screen next to the Power button and all apps.

Project Spartan which is the code name for the Microsoft’s new browser has been given its original name Microsoft Edge in this build. Microsoft Edge in the new update brings new feature called New Tab page and it now displays the top sites, featured apps and content MSN website. This build also brings InPrivate mode to the Microsoft Edge which doesn’t reveal your browsing history. Edge in the latest build also you to pin your favorite websites to the Start Screen, add history view and also an audio indicator on the tab, for  the pages that are playing audio.

Insider hub has also been updated in the latest build, which comes with lot of similar design as other Universal Windows apps in Windows 10. For now these are the changes we have founded and if we find any interesting changes we will post them. As this is still the preview version, keep sending the feedback.

Microsoft is planning for the Windows 10 public release in this summer, so you may expect the changes based on your changes.

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