Watch over the air TV on your Xbox One


Microsoft has introduced a new ability to the Xbox One that, its users in Canada and U.S can now watch over the air TV on Xbox one without cable subscription. This new feature is already in some other countries around the world will support the live streaming of the channels such as CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.

To enjoy this service Xbox One owners need to purchase an extra hardware, a digital TV tuner. For this Microsoft has partnered with Hauppauage to provide the Xbox branded TV tuner for the users for $60. Along with this you also need an HDTV antenna and Microsoft is offering Mohu Leaf 50 HDTV antenna along with TV tuner for $99.

Microsoft also recommends the users to visit GoMohu website to make sure that you have the adequate over the air TV reception around your place. Xbox One will allow you to access the over the air channels through its OneGuide which allows you quickly switch between TV programming and other apps or use Snap feature to multi-task. It also allow you to pause the Live TV for up to 30 minutes or stream over the air TV to the Xbox One SmartGlass.

You can also watch the TV on the right side of your screen while playing games with Snap and navigate through the channels using Kinnect Voice controls. In addition to this users can stream over the air TV to the other devices within your home using Xbox  app on devices running on Windows 10 or Xbox One SmartGlass app on Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms, even while someone is playing games on the Xbox One. You can even change the channels remotely using the OneGuide without disturbing gameplay on the TV.

From OTA TV to the industry leading apps, Xbox delivered the variety of the entertainment experiences on Xbox One side by side with your gameplay.


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