How to pin any file or app to Start screen in Windows 8 and higher

Microsoft has introduced new Start Screen option in Windows 8 in the metro style design. This start screen displays the live tiles of the pre-installed and other applications on your PC. It displays many useful tiles such as RSS feed, weather, social apps and more. Start screen is the replacement of Start menu in Windows 8 and higher versions.

All your installed apps and others will be displayed on Start Screen and if you want to add new items to start screen then you can do it by right-clicking on any item and select Pin to Start option. But unfortunately, this Pin to Start option is not available for all items, as it is available for folders but not for files and shortcuts. In such cases this tutorial helps you very much.

How to pin any file or app to Start screen in Windows 8 and higher

Pinning a new item on to the Start screen can be done in three methods.

Method 1: Manually

  • Right click on any file which you desire to pin to the Start screen and select Create shortcut option to create the shortcut of the file.
  • Enter the following command in the RUN box and hit Enter.
    %USERPROFILE%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu
  • This will open the classic Start Menu folder where you can store Start Screen shortcuts which are similar to earlier Windows versions.
  • Cut and paste the file shortcut you created in first step and paste it in the Start Menu you opened in second step.
  • Move on to Start screen and hold Ctrl+Tab keys and this will show All apps page.
  • Here you can find the file shortcut which you created and right-click on it and click on Pin to Start option.

That’s it, the shortcut of the file you selected will be automatically pinned to the Start Screen.

Method 2: Using freeware

This method uses a software called Start Screen pinner which allow you to pin anything onto Windows 8 start screen. This tool will feature the below buttons.

  • Pin a file
  • Pin a folder
  • Pin special item
  • Pin a library

Click on the desired button based on your requirement and choose the item which you want to pin to the Start Screen and this will automatically add that item to the start screen. Pin special item feature is very useful as it help you add many shortcuts like God Mode, Control panel, Favorites, documents and lot of other items onto the start screen. You can download Start Screen Pinner app from the below link.

Download Start Screen Pinner 

Method 3: With registry tweak

If the first method doesn’t work for you and you don’t like installing any additional software then you can use this method. It uses the registry tweak to add the Pin to Start option in context menu of all files either it is an exe file or any other type of file format. Once you apply this tweak, you can right-click on file and select Pin to Start option and this will directly pin the file to Start Screen.

Copy the following code and paste it on the Notepad or Wordpad and name the file as Pin.reg and finally run the file and it asks for confirmation. Once you accept it, you will get an option to pin the files to the Start screen.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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