OneDrive to get unified sync client with Office integration and more

In the recently concluded Microsoft ignite event, the company has made several announcements about new products. Microsoft has revealed the details of the features which will be added to the OneDrive in 2015 in the Ignite event. Here we are going to explain the details of the exciting announcements that were made related to OneDrive.


Unified sync client

Unified sync client feature let the users to connect and sync both their personal and business OneDrive files, which is first time on both PC and Mac. The preview version of the sync client is expected in the third quarter of 2015 and the final version will be available by the end of the year. This will also meet the most requested feature of Selective Sync for Business purpose. Selective Sync let the users to determine which folders they want to view in offline. Surprisingly the PC version of client is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 version, but not for Windows 8.1, because Microsoft would have assumed that most of  the 8.1 user will upgrade to Windows 10.

Office integration

Currently,  you can attach OneDrive files in the Outlook web app and this functionality will be bought to Outlook 2016. Real time co-authoring feature will be coming to the Office 2016 desktop and so OneDrive too will be benefited by this feature. Saving the email attachments in the Outlook Web app to the OneDrive is now available to the personal OneDrive users and this is expected to come to business users also.

Better mobile experience

OneDrive has shown lot of progress in the OneDrive apps on mobile either it may be Android, iOS or Windows Phone. OneDrive mobile apps for all these platforms let the users to connect to both of their personal and business OneDrive. Few exciting that are coming to this app are

  • Enhanced PDF viewing experience of Android and iOS apps which provides an easier way to navigate and search for the PDF files on your OneDrive account.
  • Ability to annotate notes to PDF files.
  • Provides ability for the mobile users to read the selected files in offline and this is expected to come in Q3 of 2015.
  • Ability to edit the individual files offline on the mobile device and the apply the changes that are made to the file in the OneDrive when user come back to online.
  • Ability to let the users to take the complete folders offline.
  • Universal OneDrive app is to be shipped with Windows 10, expected to come at the end of this year.

Refreshed OneDrive for Business web client

  • Offers simpler and consistent web experience by providing the elegant theme and good look from consumer service to business users.
  • Some drastic changes are expected to come in a way how the business users share their profile with others.
  • Makes it simple to share the files across the company without need of a formal invite and share the link that is generated with anyone in the organization.
  • A new button will be added to remove all the access to the file except the owner, when the sharing is not needed.

Data Loss Prevention

Currently DLP(Data Loss Prevention) feature is available in the preview version and this will be out of preview by this quarter. New admin controls are added to allow the blocking sync on unmanaged non-domain joined computers is expected to come soon. User activity report that can be filter by data range and can be exported to the CSV. Provides the ability to the admins to set the specific storage quotas for all the users. Most of these feature expected to roll out later this quarter.

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