Official Data shows decline in Windows 8.1 use, Windows 10 gets on the list

Windows 10 technical preview has been out for quiet sometime now and it has started registering the presence on the official usage statistics issued from Net Applications. According to the report showing data for December 2014, Windows 10 was used by 0.06% of the users running Windows operating system on their computers. This might just not be encouraging for Microsoft, but the reason behind that is the first preview version of Windows 10.

Before the launch of official Windows 10 late in 2015, Microsoft will be launching some more stable preview versions of Windows 10 which should help in an increased statistics for Windows 10.

Windows 10 start menu

Along with the Windows 10 data, the report showed a decline in the usage of Windows 8.1 in the month of December. Windows 8.1 was gaining the market-share since last few months, however, December showed a decline in market-share from 12.10% to 9.49% which is a big one, considering that the gain has not clearly shown in the statistics for Windows 10.

Windows 8 was another version of Windows experiencing slight drop is the usage statics, going down to 4.04% in December as compared to 6.55% in November.

Windows 7 has been a clear winner since over a year and December showed another increase in the usage of the most popular operating system from Microsoft. The usage percent went up from 53.71% in November to 56.26% in December.

An exciting as well as surprising thing was to see the stats for Windows XP increasing from November. The operating system is not receiving any update from Microsoft anymore, still the usage went up from 13.57% in November to 18.26% in December.

Well, the data is collected from the visitors visiting the websites handled by the Net Application. There might just be a slight change in the data mentioned above, however, I have tried my level best to provide the data as accurate as I could.

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